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UT/UT200* clarification

Thanks for reading this. Give yourself 10 points.

From time to time we get posters asking questions here in this forum. And from time to time we end up answering the question incorrectly.
You see, as simple a problem as it seems, its a very confusing one:
the name Unreal Tournament (and UT) means all three games!
While this isnt too big a problem with regards to UT2k3/UT2k4, it can cause quite a bit of frustration for both the poster and anyone attempting to answer their question with regards to the original Unreal Tournament.

Cant find WeaponFire? Does the GetClosestBone function not exist? No, you arent retarded (unless you are... in which case, good for you! Youre on the internet all by yourself! ) you're just using a different game. There's an easy way to solve this and a painful way. I give you two choices, because democracy only allows for two choices!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!!

1) Be a bit more specific about the game's name. UT'99, UT Classic, UT Rocket Launcher Shot Grenades Too, or even UT: The original one you dip****s would work.

2) Ask a question using UT as the only description and I will personally see to it that you are banned.

To be honest, I prefer option 2. But I think the admins will get real tired of me harping them to get rid of you... so lets try number one eh?
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