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Old 6th Sep 2004, 10:55 AM   #1
Coffee overclocks the overclocker!!
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Petty people...

Man, I`ve seen it all now...
Some people are sooo petty!!
Yesterday I`m mowing the lawn and a local cop stops over to tell me someone had filed a complant against me, I`m like, well, I know the grass is tall, but I`m mowing it that`s not it he says, well, my mowers not that loud that someone would complain about the noise, no no, that`s not it he I`m like what`s the problem?? he says someone complained that I was blowing the grass clippings into the street and that was the complaint. I said is there any city ordinance covering grass clippings in the street??? No- he says, so I`m like what are you doing here??? Well, it might be a traffic I pointed at the road and said does it look like a traffic hazard to you??? no he says, again I asked what are you doing here then?? Well, I was in the area serving another complain and then this call came in so I figured I`d stop and let you know. So, I was like, Yeah, I saw you cruzzin around .......did you file the complaint???(cop turns red), I didn`t file the complaint! ...but if it is a big road hazard, the city may have to send out the street sweaper to clean it up. So, I`m like, does it look bad enough to have to send it out??...No. Off he goes.
So, I figure whoever files the complain must be fairly close to me, and being one who hates to work too hard....I bust out the converted small pop camper converted with the walk behide snowblower on the tongue into a yard vaccuum and get it all ready....
So, I hook it up to the John Deere tractor mower deck and pull it around the street a few times making more noise and blowing dust everywhere picking up the grass clippings. I figure whoever complained about the grass clipping can now have something to really complain about!!
"This is your life, good to the last drop. It doesn`t get any better then this, and it`s ending ~one minute at a time."
"Take care of your body, where else are you going to live"

My car ownz you!!
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Old 6th Sep 2004, 12:02 PM   #2
Mayhem is everywhere
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LOL As long as their isn't any ordinances, you should be fine.
Nali City's official AMmayhem

<AMmayhem> howdy all
* Rukee waves
<AMmayhem> that had better been all 5 fingers...
<Rukee> oh-you thought I was waving my hand, okay.
<AMmayhem> well, someone your age, all the wrinkles blend together, making it hard to decipher what part of the body is being waved.....
<AMmayhem> o_O
<MassChAoS> ouch
<Rukee> owned :P
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Old 6th Sep 2004, 05:43 PM   #3
you can call me Mike
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that cop was awesome
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Old 6th Sep 2004, 11:33 PM   #4
For you apes
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Should have had those blades you invented on the ride on mower and then run over him. Optionally you could have screamed out "Pancake" as you ran over him.

Yeah, tell you what, if I am going down a road and I see grass, then I know I am in for trouble. Grass is a major traffic hazard, very dangerous, especially if there are horses on the road I hear.
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