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Old 30th Jun 2004, 10:41 PM   #1
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Yet another Monster Ideas Thread

You know the drill:

Mechas 8-10" Badass Walking robots that are armed with a variety of weapons ranging from Rocket Launchers to Flame Throwers. Note that they will fire while on the move.

Fiendlings And you thought the spiders were annoying. These babies are similar to the fiends of Quake 1, only smaller. They tend to use a jumping lunge attack to get up close and then use their razor sharp claws to tear into you. Fortunately, being small they don't have the nightmarish eviserating power of their bigger brothers, but don't think it won't hurt you. It can attack pretty quickly and pile up the damage fast if you don't do something. Fortunately, when it comes to these things, you won't have to do much as they tend to go down rather quickly.

Butchers You guys wanted a chainsaw? You've got it, these big beefy men wield chainsaws and tend to rush at a signifigantly fast speed. They can do a lot of damage with their unwieldy chainsaw. Fortunately, they are not as strong as you are when it comes to taking punishment, but that doesn't mean that they are pushovers either. If you're on a map without the enhanced weapons, you may find this guy a lot more interesting and dangerous than some of the other guys out there. Especially when you see him and his chainsaw closing in for the kill at point blank.

(Note that his chainsaw may drop on death but it might not be a pickup)

Be sure to post any comments and ideas.
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Old 12th Aug 2004, 06:14 PM   #2
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Red Hound A large bull like beast with a shell covered head and no visual eyes. Capable of hurling large projectiles and ramming and tearing you apart with its shell head and teeth, the Red hound is a force to be recond with. 650 health

Red hound Pup Basicly a smaller weaker version of a red hound with no projectiles. Very fast and will try to leap on you if it gets the chance. its very weak however, with only around 120 health

Infestoid A zombie-like human that was infected by spores of the insectoids. Basicly a Human Timebomb which explodes on contaction with ANY living tissue or vehicle
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Old 9th Sep 2004, 11:20 AM   #3
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Insectoid Grunt The basic drone of the insectoid race. It weilds to plasma pulse guns and wont hesitate to blow your pitiful face off or bite your head off with its jaws. 160 Health

Infestor Ever wonder where infestoids come from? Now you know. These guys are small but if they dig into your flesh its all over. they tend to sneak up on you and pounce from behind. Did I mention they can walk on walls and ceilings? 75 health

Insectoid Larvae Basicly like small worms. They may be weak but the like to gang up and rip the hell out of you. 40 health

Insectoid Soldier This is a heavly armed, and heavily armored Nightmare. He is armed with 4 Particle guns with one on each arm and he will crush your measly body into nothing if he gets close. Did I mention they can leap real well? 850 health

Insectoid Queen Lets see, we have 6 arms which shoot big ass particle bombs, Big jaws for ripping your dumb self, and a big ass for taking HUGE amounts of punishment. Good luck if your to face this bitch. 1250 health

BOSS: Insectoid Matriarch So it comes to this. The Ruler of all Insectoids. She rarely uses her projectile weapons because most of the time she doesnt need to. She can impale you with her tusks or just eat you. and if she cant get to you shell blow the **** out of you with her "Big Beam of Raging Terror". Did I mention she spits out infestors? Good luck with this titan. 28000 health
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Old 6th Oct 2004, 10:50 AM   #4
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Biomech a bit like the ones in Serious Sam, but insted having a high ROF minigun a the left side and a low ROF cannon (kind a like a´the goliaths) and the other side, slow but with 2050 health

Biomech Spider 6 legged and quick as hell, no weapons so this one will simply tramp u to death 350 Health

Biomech Soldier A smaller version of the biomech, shooting low power instant hit lasers (like shockrifle) and sometimes throwing grenades, no shield, no brain 275 health
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Old 6th Oct 2004, 06:06 PM   #5
UT2K4 addict
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Biomech Gunner medium size but with the ****ing largest collektion of guns u have seen, a laser, a shotgun, rockets and a shocker, these can also work as a stationary gunner using the scope on his laser (will aim for a headshot) 750 health

Biomech Charger 4 legs with a ball of ion fluid on top, will shoot small ion blasts and link to eachother for a large kickass blast, explodes on death

Biomech Queenspider Larger than the regular spider and armed with a razorblade shooter and a "spider web" shooter to glue u on the the floor for 30 secs 1400 health

Biomech Bomber Big slow bomber droping huge amounts of biorifle goo and to a small area, also has a large mouth for biting of your head 950 health

Biomech Worm these tiny worms can crawl on walls and seilings leap far and jump high due to its flexible durasteal spine, no weapons only its mouth and the impact of a leap 75 health

Biomech Tank big as hell with wheels, a torso,arms and a Biomech Worm launcher, flamethrower, shockcore/shockbeam(can do shockcombo´s), minigun, rockets, and a cutter laser 2000 health

this is kinda the look i want

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Old 8th Oct 2004, 01:27 PM   #6
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Biomech Sapper Small abut very deadly, shooting balls of energy at high speed witch will shock u for 5 seconds, or a phasing beam doing medium damage 175 health

Biomech Artillery Keeping it´s distance firing cluster shells or Biomech drillers (like the SPMA) at you, these babies hurt! 345 health

Biomech Driller Fired from the Biomech artillary these evil fellows will drill through u and follow biomechs doing masive damage, i they dont hit u they will land on the ground a selfdestruct after 5 seconds (these r easy targets when lying on the grund but will kill u on short notice if they hit u) 15 health

Biomech Frontgaurd Big looking like a fat old man standing in front of his follow monsters taking all the hits, weilding a manual shotgun going poor damage 1225 health

Biomech Ninja medium size ninja looking devils jump around hacking a slashing u to death, it can also use it´s dual submachine guns to put some holes in u 650 health
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Old 8th Dec 2004, 06:32 PM   #7
-{SC}- Renamon
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Wolf Dragon:
Huge flying bird winged dragons with pastel colored feathers covering their bodies, they have bird's feet and wolf-like heads, they use their claws and teeth to kill you or breathe icy breath, it can kill within seconds! 792 health.

Semoya Lizard:
Lizards with a bodily structure of a cheetah, first, they spit out poison much like a sptting cobra, and if the vemon hits(speed of vemon goes up with monster difficulty) it does 43 damage per second for a whole minute, then they run up to you and do a usually fatal leap attack, best to snipe these things! 180 health.

Kiassian Grunt:
Little beings woth hooved back feet(they stand on these, like satyurs), they have short tails with a small feather on the end and doggish heads with large slightly drooping rabbit-like ears. These are blue and purple(male), they wear some red crystal armor and weild Crystal Carver guns(use Link gun model but with red crystal skin, make it slightly transparent.) that first shoot out a small red dart that attaches to a a player(or bot) then afterwards the gun makes a long link to the dart(like the Link gun's, but red) that does tons of damage. 428 health.

Kiassian Assasin
Like the grunt but red with pink stripes(female), they wear more crystal armor than the grunt but black, they use small black darts(use lighting gun ammo model with slightly transparent, black crystal skin) like a sniper rifle, but if you get close then they use a series of kicks and punches too finish you off, they throw the darts from afar and if they hit they asorb 147 health and transfer it to the assasin, best not get hit! 583 health.

Kiassian Commander
White with red stripes(male), they have more armor than the assasin and in green, they weild the Emerald Stormer(use rocket launcher model with slightly transparent, green crystal skin), it shoot enourmous amounts of green crystaline shards out, doing significant damage. 692 health.

Kiassian Destroyer
Green with electric blue stripes(male), more armor than the commander, in blue and use the Sapphire Cannon(use ion painter model with slightly transparent, blue crystal skin) that emits a blue ion blast that rains crystal shards everywhere, creating devastation, good luck if you are conered with this bastard. 935 health.

Kiassian Mage:
Purple with orange stripes(female) and yellow crystal robes, they weild just a yellow crystal staff(like a Krall staff but as an upgraded model, not the old one), their attacks are in forms of spells instead of weaponry, from a long range, they use a lighting blast, it is like but does more damage than the lighting gun's shock, at close range they use a rock crush that creates a bunch of rocks to smash you flat! They are good dodgers too. 752 health.

Kiassian High Mage:
Aqua with yellow stripes(female), better than the regular mage and wear some actual purple crystal armor on top of their purple crystal robes, they weild purple staves that are moon shaped on the end, with a small crystal sun dangling from a string, their long range spell is a ice bolt spell that does a big chunk of damage and fire at a ridiculously quick rate, at close range, they use a red flame-throw spell! 985 health.

BOSS: Kiassian Misstress:
Pure white(female), she is the ruler of the Kiassian race and wears a beautiful, armored, clear, rainbowish crystal(rarest kind!) dress with nuberous sybols written on it, instead of being HUGE like all the other bosses, she is the size of the player, like all other Kiassian. She also casts a Crystalline Meteorite spell, which calls alot of small varied colored crystals to rain from the sky and strike the player and anyone else nearby at the time, the explosions from the crystals touching the ground is like combining a Redeemer blast with Ion Painter's, make it smaller but extremely powerful and color it white. 29570 health.

This is one scary signature!

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Old 23rd Aug 2005, 11:57 PM   #8
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Lightbulb his is my idea

male hellion soldier:has a rocket launcher but with 5x the splash damage distance:health 800
female hellion soldier:has one shock rifle in each hand and loves to use shock combos with double damage:health 750

male hellion guard:holds a minigun,a link gun and a shock rifle swiches weapons very fast and a redeemer with tho probability of shooting the redeemer at 5%
calls in all hellion gaurds when spotting someone:health 500

p.s. vampirism does not work on him

female hellion gaurd:holds same weapons but 5% more likely to shoot her redeemer health 550

hellion spy:he/she diguises his self as one of your teammates and does not kill you but gives your location to all monsters if you spot him/her as a spy he will attack with whatever the player he is impersonating had when he died

health whoever he impersonates max health

p.s.will not attack monsters

p.p.s. only impersonates dead players and you will not get a death message if a spy is alive also dead players cannot talk if he/she is being impersonated

BOSS:hellion boss: he is not very power full but for each 1 health he loses a hellion soldier enter his room he is also very swift and use a target painter to kill players outside of the buiding

health 400

BOSS:rock golem:from the blinx2 game but 3x bigger and shoots redeemers instead of bombs

health 30,000
BOSS:?:well i forgot the name of this boss but he is also from the blinx game world where you get the tank he has four head and shoots a blast from his mouth able to send you flying out of a goliath

p.s. will not desroy vehichle

health 5 green inner cores

BOSS:shadow claw:also from blinx 2 you cannot hurt him unless you expose him to light then you must shoot the creatures he turns into but after a certain time i becomes one again

health 50 creatures

boss:scissor demon:also from blinx 2 the final boss dragon like monster to kill him all player must shoot a redeemer at once when the crystals are in him monster do not have time bariers in this version

if you are looking or other blinx 2 bosses they requirer time controls to beat so i'm not gonna give the mod team a hard time like gaint madrake,silver claw and gaint benito

mirror demon:she can reflect attacks and make a copy of a monter/player/bot that only attacks the first player/bot it sees and stays on that player/bot
health 350
mirror health 50

mirror can be desroyed when she lets her guard down

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Old 23rd Aug 2005, 11:58 PM   #9
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also get rid of the nali with redeemers that is suicide and crazy
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Old 17th Nov 2005, 10:47 PM   #10
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Boogy Choogy: A fierce monster, which wears a hula skirt, one of those flowerly necklace things, and a ukelele (sp?)! Using its ukelele, its music will blur your vision and make things harder to aim. Then, it will go in for the kill, beating you with either its ukelele, or by whacking you with its hips, as it does its little hula-dance thing.

Er, does this have to be a REAL monster, or just something I came up with for no reason at all?
Don't mind me or my stupid'll get a lot of those questions from yours truly.
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