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CliffyB Interview

Game Informer recently caught up to Epic's Lead Designer, CliffyB, and fired off some questions. Here's a snippet of the interview:

Game Informer: Unreal has obviously been one of the real standbys of online first-person shooting. What are some of the reasons you think the series continues to maintain such a large and loyal following?

CliffyB: What happens with a lot of games, and you're seeing this with a lot of the Halo clones now on Xbox, is [the developers are] looking at the bullet point list of what people expect out of the genre. And they spend so much time chasing after the bullet points of what every other game has that they never get around to figuring out what the original hook is going to be with their game. With Unreal 1, when we were working on that everyone else was saying, "Oh, we gotta have a shotgun." And we said, "Well, everybody is doing a shotgun. Let's do something a little bit different." We live in a world of games that are just drenched with terrorists and AK-47s and World War II. Unreal for us has always been a really good sci-fi alternative to that.

You can catch the rest of the interview in the July 2004 issue: Volume XIV, Number 7, Issue 135.Thanks to Justin for letting us know!
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