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Old 27th Apr 2004, 07:15 AM   #1
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using new mod structure = corrupted myLevel textures?

i'm struggling trying to adapt my UT2003 mod to 2K4. beyond issues of my xPawn subclass conking out, i've found an unusual situation regarding myLevel textures.

when i set up the mod as a new gametype in the UT2K4 interface, i can select the gametype & the associated map & it loads and displays as expected. the myLevel textures are very simple & small, nothing to strain the system.

however, when i set up the mod in the Community menu and have it launch the map on "Activate," all surfaces that use myLevel textures are totally black, and the log is jammed with lines saying something such as:

Log: WARNING: Texture [MyMap.surfaces.MyTexture] is corrupted.

there's a warning for every texture in myLevel.

why is running the map using the new mod structure any different than running it as a custom gametype?
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Old 27th Apr 2004, 07:42 AM   #2
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No. I get the same problem too with almost any UT2003 map that's run in UT2004. Opening the map in UnrealEd 2004 and saving it again should help.
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Old 27th Apr 2004, 07:50 AM   #3
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thanks for the suggestion, Mychaeel, but that's the first thing i did with my UT2003 conversions.

the map looks fine in UEd2K4, and playtests as expected.

i've also run ucc editor.checktextures on the map & get no warnings.

i'll try doing a full rebuild in UEd2k4 and see if that makes a diff, but i still don't understand why running the map one way should be different than another, for the same game engine.

---5 minutes later---
rebuild didn't help.

---15 minutes later---
re-importing all textures didn't help, either.

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Old 27th Apr 2004, 06:48 PM   #4
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bit of a bump but also some new info of possible use to others:

1) launching the map from the Community mod interface results in black surfaces and reported corrupt textures. however, when opening the same map during the same UT2004 session via the command line (while another map's in play), the textures are just fine. go figure.

2) renaming all the myLevel textures into an external package in the mod sub-directory structure fixes the prob when launched from the Community mod menu. same textures, just in an external package.

current theory: there's something nasty snarfing on myLevel textures when the Community mod structure is used. might not be a universal prob, but if it happens on your watch, you have a remedy.

now if i could just get my pawn class to work like it did in UT2003...
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