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Old 9th Apr 2004, 11:12 PM   #1
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UT2004 assault problems and questions

Hello out there in radioland,

A few questions regarding UT2004 in a custom assault game.

First off, I'm trying to create a gametype where the player is being hunted by a whole bunch of bots, with the goal being to make it out of the level alive. To do this in UT2004 I was trying to extend the assault game (ASGameInfo? if I recall...I don't have the code on me right now) and make a single objective of opening a door to exit the level. However, problems arise in the following forms:

1. Despite using the bPlayersVsBots variable players vs bots mode is never set in my game. Can anyone tell me how to set it so that it is me vs. bots, or will I have to do some sort of mutator rather than game type?

2. The bot defenders all run to the end point room and defend there. I want them to actively seek me and try to kill me, with defense growing stronger the closer I get to the objective. Does anyone know how I do this? I notice in various assault games the bots run to turrets and other places to try to kill me rather than huddle around objective points, so I figure there must be a way to get them to seek me. Is this a path node problem perhaps?

3. This is a little off topic, but in the level I have shadows where i can hide and be invisible. If a bot sees me I want to trigger a sound. However, I am having a great deal of difficulty recognizing when a bot sees me. Does anybody know the function and variables I need to work with in order to know when I've been spotted and when I've gotten the bot off my tail?

Thanks in advance.
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Old 13th Apr 2004, 11:24 PM   #2
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Not sure about 1 or 2, but for 3 you might start with this:
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