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Old 9th Apr 2004, 05:07 PM   #1
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Onslaught Tactical Manual

I've noticed some teams are better able to advance their node linking than others. I don't personally have a strategy, but I am now convinced that there exists a few highly effective methodologies to successful Ons advancement.
I know that there are people who are naturally intuitive when it comes to strategy and tactics. I'd love to hear different tactics that have proven ironclad for people who consider themselves competent in Ons.
Until recently, I would jump ahead to an unstarted node, start it and jump ahead to the next one. I now suspect that it might be better to finish the node first before moving on. I would just like to get a thread going that would offer everyone better tactics for a successful Ons strategy, including proper teamplay communication and etiquette as well.
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Old 9th Apr 2004, 05:31 PM   #2
manta claus
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Well, as had been said, it's all about the team. I generally hang back and watch to see what the rest of the team is doing, since most people dont communicate.

If they rush, I defend. If they defend, I rush.

But overall strategies vary from map to map, obviously. The key, I've found, is not so much to control the nodes with the potent vehicles (it's important, but not the most important bit,) but to keep the enemy on defense. If the map has 2 routes to the enemy's first node, you want to control those routes. Sure, they may attack and get back one node, but while they're doing that, you're hammering their #1 and they lose anyway. Keep the enemy on D and they'll never have time for O.

However, your team needs some D, too. If everyone rushes right in the beginning, it's easy for the enemy to sneak up, pound your nodes, and then you're on D the rest of the game. I don't know how many times I've had my team (I'm guilty of this, too) all go rush, just to have the enemy knock out our #1 and eventually beat us.

I know this is obvious, basic stuff, but you want the guide to be all-encompassing, right?

I'll give this some more thought; I enjoy tactic & strategy stuff like this.
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Old 9th Apr 2004, 05:35 PM   #3
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Well, I don't know how expert I am, but I have seen a few things that seem to help a great deal and increase your odds.

1) The first node in the link setup between your team and the other team should be tagged as quickly as possible by whoever gets to the manta first. Don't even bother arming yourself, just get in and get to that node. Arm up after you have activated it.

2) Some will say start charging the node before continuing, some say don't bother, move on to the next. I'm not sure it really matters if you are supported properly by those that had to take slower moving vehicles. I personally get it started and move on to the next one, by the time I get there if I have a decent crew behind me they are allready at the node I started it and will have it done before I land.

3) The raptor, I feel this should be used to do two things, counter the oppositions raptor when it makes an appearance and harrass them to keep them from moving quickly enough. The first 30 seconds to a minute are the best time to get a good rush on. If you can maintain the momentum you may be able to run over the opp and take them down to defending the core before they know what hit them.

4) Crew, one man alone cannot do everything. If you have voice set up, tell your teammates what you are doing, where and what's waiting for them over the next hill. An effective crew works together and is available for support when needed. While you or someone else is rushing to the first node to activate, the rest of the crew should be arming up, getting in the land based vehicles and heading out to the first node and beyond. By the time the center node (the one halfway between you and them in the link setup) is started by your team, most of your team should be in position to start punishing the opposition.

Remember, use the voice communication with team members, it's the best way to get things accomplished.
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Old 9th Apr 2004, 05:41 PM   #4
manta claus
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Whenever I'm in the Raptor, I try to provide recon to the rest of my team, e.g. "Incoming leviathan to node 4" etc.
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Old 9th Apr 2004, 05:57 PM   #5
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Originally Posted by HuggyBear
I know this is obvious, basic stuff, but you want the guide to be all-encompassing, right?
Yeah, I want all info. Not just for me, as I have my own ideas too, but for anyone. I certainly would like to get a better idea of what works for different people though, because I want to add value to my team, not a headache.
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Old 9th Apr 2004, 07:00 PM   #6
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You gotta be extremely coordinated with the manta at the start. When you get 1-2 others on the wings (without arming at the lockers), you do give up a few precious seconds, but you'll make up for it when you link together at the first node.

In most cases:
-the manta-riders should NOT go out of their way to pickup weapons.
-Teammates should not start driving the manta until 1-2 people are on the wings (sometimes trying to jump onto a hovering manta can be frustrating - it's usually child's play, but everyone has their off days & could end up burning more of that precious time)

As soon as that first node is up, you can then get a jump on the others. This is where team strategy comes in. Those who are really fine at DM need to get into something fast and harrass the opposing team. (Judgement call if they do so from the start of the match). This buys time for the others to continue moving forward. But if a guy goes in and only gets toasted he'll probably respawn at the base node and has just compromised any advantage.

People need to move up to the forward nodes at the get go. No one is going to be able to attack your primary node right then - they'll all be busy trying to build their own nodes (or contesting nodes with your team). There will be time later to move back.

Don't fully build a node, charge it up until it's almost full. Because by the time you've gotten any nearby pickups and move yourself to the new spawn vehicles (or jump in your old one), the node will be fully charged by then.

I find that doing these things definitely give you an edge at the start of the match. The tide can easily turn during the rest of the match, but having a lead at the get go helps a lot. Because the opposing team is now having to not only fight those at the middle nodes, but destroy them as well. Then if they do take it/build it - chances are they aren't at full health.
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Old 10th Apr 2004, 01:11 AM   #7
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Onslaught 101 at Capture

I'm going to work on Onslaught 102 after Easter. I've learned hella more since then.
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Old 10th Apr 2004, 01:17 AM   #8
Rainbow Brite
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Hey, Capture is alive again?

SlayerDragon, we needed something like that.
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Old 10th Apr 2004, 11:12 PM   #9
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1. If you're all alone at an unlocked node, stick around for a few seconds and defend it...the closer to your base it is, the more imperative it is.

2. Don't try to push too far too fast. I've seen lots of games where we get off to a fast start, then get pushed back and lose. In 20 minutes there's plenty of time to load up, get the vehicle you want, etc.

3. Play interdiction on maps where this is possible...if you have the Goliath or HB and you head to a node, you're just going to be a big fat really big really fat target. Go a bit ahead of the node if your team is attacking it, and kill the reinforcements before they get to the node. Not many people expect a fight in open ground on their way to a node.

4. On bulding nodes:
Learn to guage(sp?) travel time vs the time it takes to build a node...if someone is working on one, drive past. Don't stop to help them, even if they run out of ammo and are doing it themselves, it will be built by the time your slowed wheeled vehicle gets to the next node.

Along that thought, try to think one node ahead. If I round a corner and see 3 teammates attacking a node, even with defense, I'll probably think about going to the next soon as it unlocks, I intend to make the enemy play defense.

5. Talk talk talk talk. Use voice until someone bans you. Keep using it anyway. I notice on pubs if there are 3 people using voice, we tend to coordinate a lot better. Not even deliberately, but because the team has a better idea of where everyone is and what's happening. Mention what node you're going for. Mention when vehicles spawn at a node. Mention when superweapons are up. Mention what kind of resitance you're running into. If you're defending a node, call for backup. Call for gunners if you need them...someone is always respawning, and can spawn at your node. If you're building a node, tell your team to get ready to attack the next one. When the last node is at about 60% I'll get on voice and tell people to start rushing the core...they get there just in time for it to be vulnerable.

6. Coordinate the use of superweapons
It does absolutely no good (other than getting Ludicrous) to wipe out a node with an airstrike or deemer when the other team just starts it again. Tell your team what to expect, and wait unitl you have teammates nearby a node before you wipe it out.

7. Learn to shoot redeemers down. Look for the smoke trail, and relish the DENIED message from the announcer. It aggravates people to no end.
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Old 11th Apr 2004, 12:06 AM   #10
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8. Learn how to fly the redeemer, swerve it from left to right, up and down, fly close to the ground. Its much harder to shoot down if you do this.

Note: The best weapons for shooting redeemrers down are the minigun and a shock combo.

Note: Avril rockets, like 'deemer rockets can also be shot down. Its insanely easy to shoot down incomeing avril rockets that are directed at you while your in a turret.
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