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Old 2nd Jan 2004, 10:54 AM   #1
Prj. Phoenix
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ZenSen Team needs your Help !!!

Shortly to the modifiaction:
Zensen will become a modification, that seeks theirs of resembling in the final version on the PC. It is a classic Beat’Em Up; a FightingGame like Tekken, Soul Calibur and so on.
Only with the difference, that the main action is advanced over the internet.
So, it will be possible to fight against others in a "ingenious" match system and to let it crash on so-called "TorunamentMaps."
Offline you will be able to practice in the training mode against NPC’s, therefore not-human players.

You will be capable to create your own character by using of a character editor.
There will be over 100 arms. Human players will duel with swords. NPC's it will be allowed t to use other weapons like lance, club, axe etc.

We are already 13 members. However we require, because we stand under extreme time pressure*, further members. Before all UScript Coders is need urgently!
Concretely, this means: We seek:
Sound artists
Animation artists
Others on inquiry

How to applies ?
You can send an eMail to PM-Kenshin (TeamLeader) (
Or you use the contact form on our home page (

Additional Informations:
If you would like to know more now, then visit our homepage. From there, you then reach also the board.

*PS: We intend to take part in the “Make Something Unreal Contest” ( and also to win!
Prices for the best modification can you see on the declared homepage. Also an UT2003/04 engine for free commercial exploitation! (If we win we will give (of course) all the teammembers a part of the price.)
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