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Old 18th Sep 2003, 07:05 AM   #1
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UT: Attached movers

I have a problem (duh, otherwise wouldn't be here )...
I'm wanting to make a defense sentinel in a spawn room.
there are 4 team cannons attached to a mover, moving up from the ground when triggered.
the problem is, the mover comes up but the cannon's don't, they stay were they are untill the very end, at which point they move up 32units (just at groundlevel).
(the very end is the moment where mover has reached position 1, waits and then returns to position 0...)

help would be appreciated, I'm usually on mIRC quakenet and entrthegame if you want the map to check the problem
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Old 5th Oct 2003, 06:25 AM   #2
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Its a looong time sincc I used UED 2 and attachmovers, but IIRC, it's goessomething like this.

Make sure your mover is of type AttachMover. Then in the properties, expand the AttachMover node and set the AttachTag property to, say, sentinel1.

Now, position your cannons and in the properties screen for the cannon, expand the Events node and set the Tag property to sentinel1. Then, expand the Advanced node and make sure the bStatic property is set to false and the bMoveable propery is set to true.

There might be something I've forgotten, so firk with those properties some more if you're still having probs
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