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Old 2nd Sep 2003, 07:05 AM   #1
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Static mesh bridges and dancing corpses

A quick question: I've made a static mesh bridge, and I don't want freshly murdered players to fall through it. On a past map, I fixed this problem by setting UseSimpleKarmaCollision to False. It doesn't seem to work this time though. Any ideas why?

For those of you who are easily enthralled, like me, I heartily recommend using the Giblife/SlowMotionCorpses/Floaty cadavers mutators on any map with a Lightning gun in it. There's something about watching a corpse twitch and jerk and knock itself around after death by Lightning gun. Just spectate, and watch the bots go. It's hypnotising, like a lava lamp, I swear!. Try it out.
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Old 2nd Sep 2003, 11:11 AM   #2
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set up boxes in your 3d program to completely cover your 3d bridge(or make a lower-res version of the bridge and cover your mesh). then give them names MCDCX_anynamehere. They will becomre collision boxes once imported as a static mesh.
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Old 9th Sep 2003, 01:54 AM   #3
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I can see that this should work for me, but it isn't. I've since learned that the fact my texture pack and my static meshes pack have the same names could be causing all kinds of problems for Ed, so I'll fix that, then come back and try this again. Tah.

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Old 9th Sep 2003, 08:24 AM   #4
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Yes, you shouldn't use the same names for different packages.
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