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View Poll Results: Who would fin in a Fight?
Spiritwalker 1 7.69%
Rukee 0 0%
It would be a draw, their fight would be locked off by an admin before a victor is declared 9 69.23%
Neither, because they can always find something to argue about 3 23.08%
Voters: 13. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 29th Jul 2003, 08:41 PM   #1
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NC DeathMatch v.3

New fight for you starring NC regulars. Rukee verse Spiritwalker...

let the mayhem begin...
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Old 29th Jul 2003, 10:00 PM   #2
Mayhem is everywhere
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Originally Posted by Mister_Prophet
let the mayhem begin...
I'm in this too?
Nali City's official AMmayhem

<AMmayhem> howdy all
* Rukee waves
<AMmayhem> that had better been all 5 fingers...
<Rukee> oh-you thought I was waving my hand, okay.
<AMmayhem> well, someone your age, all the wrinkles blend together, making it hard to decipher what part of the body is being waved.....
<AMmayhem> o_O
<MassChAoS> ouch
<Rukee> owned :P
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Old 29th Jul 2003, 10:31 PM   #3
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Spiritwalker for his southern ruthlessness.

Er, hospitality.
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Old 30th Jul 2003, 12:33 AM   #4
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Have to go with a admin cbing all fights between SW and rukee.
Originally Posted by Balton
hey noob, I think I know what NC likes(at least a few and I'm just waiting for certain people to see this). At least you've been watching enough internet porn to be familiar with the ancient art of japan glazing virgin faces with their finest creams. Gives you a plus behind your name

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Old 30th Jul 2003, 01:33 AM   #5
Kid Chaos
Reign of Chaos
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Talking I think it would be a draw...Here's why:

Walker slowly turns his head, looks over his shoulder, recognizes his ancient enemy and charges up to full burn. The two lock eyes and begin to move into a battle stance. As I watch them prepare to "lock horns", I can see that for them the entire world has faded away like a forgotten memory. A major battle is about to begin...Mod help us all.

The ground rumbled all around me as the two began to wage “immortal combat” against each other . I ran to situate myself behind the heaps of twisted metal and broken sections of castle wall that managed to remain partially intact. FlameWalker was relentless in his onslaught against Rukee as he released one searing plasma bolt of devastation after another. Each bolt ignited the air surrounding it, causing a wave of incendiary death in it’s wake. I could almost make out what sounded like dialog between the two, over the nerve shattering decibels of the explosive blasts. As Rukee dodged the blasts, the extra arms of his mech harness moved with lightening fast rhythmic precision, grabbing, loading and firing off an odd variety of blast cannons and energy shields.

What was once Bob’s engine chamber, had now been reduced to little more than an indoor debris field. Suddenly, FlameWalker jumped into the air, preformed an air summersault that positioned him behind Rukee, floated there for a few seconds, then laid down a volley of heavy fire. Luckily, the blasts impacted with the wall just behind my temporary hiding spot and blew a 15 foot hole clear to the outside. Finally, my best chance to escape this makeshift “thunder dome” had presented itself, so I took off faster than a fat man filing a law suit against MickyDs. Although I knew that I should have continued to flee for my life, I couldn’t help but to look back at the carnage. I saw one of the focusing lens on Rukee’s tech helmet lock on to the elusive FlameWalker. To counter Rukee’s move, Walker replicated himself, surrounded his hated enemy and began to laugh as each replica began to randomly rain down energy blasts at him. Rukee scoffed at FlameWalker’s tactics as he dodged the numerous assaults. “Hey LameWalker! That all you got!? I think it‘s time you say hello to my little friend…aka my multi targeting system!” As Rukee taunted, four compact cannons deployed from his sides, expanded, and began to launch flashing metallic orbs at the walker replicates. Immediately, the extra FlameWalkers began to disintegrate, leaving no trace of the original.

Suddenly, an old woman walked out from the cover of some of the surrounding rubble. Startled, Rukee went over to the woman and said, ”Hey! Old lady, what are you doing here? Did to get separated from the other evacuating citizens or something?” The old lady, looking around in confusion replied, ”Oh yes sonny, yes that‘s it exactly. I was trying to get away but then there was this explosion and the ceiling collapsed. Then, when I woke up, I found myself here. Now I don‘t know what to do.” With Flamewalker seemingly gone, Rukee jumped at the chance to play the big hero for the old lady.

Rukee took the lady by the hand and said, “Come with me if you want to live.” The old lady smiled and said, ”Oh my, well thank you young man.” as they walked toward my direction. Rukee, leading the old lady looked back at her and remarked, “Say you know there is something very familiar about you but I can‘t quite put my finger on it.” “Is that right young man?”, she replied. Rukee, tapping his helmet as he walked, said, “Yes…hmm, oh and I’m not young, not by a long shot. In fact I‘ve been alive for a looong time.” The expression on the old lady’s face seemed to change dramatically as she angrily shot back, ”Yeah, too damn long you immortal tard!” Immediately, the old woman burst into flames, raised her hand and struck down the unprepared Rukee with a wave of dark energy. The old lady’s form was then revealed to actually be Flamewalker in disguise. Laughing scornfully, Walker stood over the injured Rukee and gloated, “I knew you‘d fall for such an obvious ploy Ruk-tard!! I haven’t figured out how to kill you yet but I know I can hurt you. So now your gonna pay, in pain!”

Rukee, dazed and smoldering from the searing blast, simply smiled and said, ”Heh…ouch…I knew it was y…you all along!” FlameWalker rolled his eyes. “Yeah, sure, right, knew it was me all the time…yawn, oh by the way, here‘s a little more of that pain that you knew was coming.” As walker began to summon his energy for a focused blast, his powers began to fail. “WTF!! What‘s happening…I feel…I.” Struggled FlameWalker as he looked at some strange oil like substance coating the palm of his hand. Rukee, staggering to his feet, proclaimed with pride, “I told you I knew it was you LameWalker. When I took you by the hand, I burst a small capsule in my glove and released a little concoction I cooked up into your skin. I call it, liquid heat sink and it activates in the presence of extreme thermal energy. In case you’re still unclear of the situation, I’ll spell it out for you…ahem, You’re Screwed!”

As FlameWalker’s arm became engulfed in the strange expanding substance, he began to thrash around in a violent rage while cursing Rukee with every breath. FlameWalker then began to channel the remainder of his awesome power and directed it toward the sky above. Once again, I was reminded that sticking around would not be in my best interest, so I proceed to head out. I looked up at the pale, almost sickly colored bluish gray sky as I ran from the devastated remnants of King Bob’s castle.

I began to see waves of scarlet energy start to collect over the location of the castle, then concentrate to form into a sphere of dark power that seemed to strip away what there was left of the sky’s color. As the sounds of crackling energy grew ever louder, the sphere proceeded to peel the entire sky back layer by layer like an onion as a cold wind began to whip up. I thought to myself, ”The world of NaliCity…is dying.” The sudden shifting of the ground snapped me out of my moment of contemplation and I started to notice that the air was getting thin. “It’s really…over.” I say as the ground starts to give way under me. The sky is now nothing more than an electronic grid with energy spikes flashing across it. “My God…it‘s full of ones and zeros!” Reality twists and warps all around me as I kneel there exhausted and running out of air. It’s cold …so very cold….but I’m not afraid of what awaits me. Everything slips away and I start to laugh at the approaching eternal night as it creeps up upon me....
E Unum Pluribus
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Old 30th Jul 2003, 02:17 AM   #6
Mr. Sexy
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This poll should really be called Butters vs Tweak
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Old 31st Jul 2003, 04:21 PM   #7
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Originally Posted by OO7MIKE
This poll should really be called Butters vs Tweak

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