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Old 15th Jul 2003, 09:55 AM   #1
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Thumbs up First impressions...

It's sweet to play, although the bugs don't make it very enjoyable.
bugs. Maybe it's rushed a bit i dunno...

->debug messages roll over the screen about bots finding direct paths etc. It drives me crazy
->you have to built a thing before you know what it is
->most menu's are kinda messed up...
->who the f#ck decided to remove the UT commands? Especially the admin commands, I mean "hello!" how would you like me to switch maps ingame without restarting the server

->i want a speed up button for camera speed so i can scroll over the large maps more easily
->i mentioned easy serverbrowsing before
->launching a dedicated server crashes from ingame 'Start new multiplayer game' menu and skirmish doesn't show as gametype there.
->any thoughts on making better menu's like not the standard ut menu with all the ut options?

Besides all that this is a real good start!

I also offer hereby my uscript skills, i can work on it till 31 july then i'm busy with other stuff. I ain't the best, but i do think i can fix some of the above bugs especially the menu's.
Some examples from my own mod:


The keyboard is mightier than the sword.

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