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Post Review: KickIdlers v2a

[ Transcript of review for KickIdlers v2a | Posted by Shuri on 2003-06-27 | Score: 9.5 ]
There are certain mods/mutators that are essential for online UT servers. One is the Teamplay Tourney Mod, which allows the UT players to basically alter the game through majority votes. Another is BDB MapVote., which allows the players to vote for a map at the end of a round. This mutator, Kick Idle Players, is not only essential, but it is vital. It is so useful that every single UT server should get this.

The mutator kicks players who do not move or play the game after X seconds when the server is full. Thus, it keeps spots free for people who want to play rather than for people who aren't actively playing.

<b>Version 2b version</b>
Version 2b is similar to the mutator Kick Idle Players, except that this one is a bit more refined. After a round had ended, the mutator was not disabled. Thus, if there was a map vote session going on (via BDB MapVote or another mod/mutator) then almost everyone would be kicked. In this version, that has changed. Now the mutator automatically disables itself at the end of a game.

Kick Idlers also did not kick any players when the server was not full. This wasn't a big problem since there were still spots available for people who wanted to play. However, that would mean that on some of the slower servers, those people would be taking up valuable bandwidth and lag up the server. So, this version allows the kicking of those players.

By changing the options in the ini file, you can have the mutator automatically kick players who are idle when the server isn't full. You can also have the players themselves kick the player. Using the newly available commands, the player can see who the idle players are, how long the players have been idle, and the last command allows the other players to kick the idle players from the server. But, if you set the mutator to automatically kick players, these commands aren't needed.

<b>BDB Bug</b>
For those of you who use this mutator in conjunction with BDB MapVote, there is a problem. They don't get along with each other well. So, according to TheCatcher, you should first enable the Kick Idle Players mutator before enabling the BDB MapVote mutator if you want to get both to work properly. Otherwise, Kick Idlers should work just fine the way it is.

<b>Just get it!!!</b>
Please, don't let this great mutator lip through your grasp. If you are an admin or know an admin, get this mutator installed! To not put this great server to use would mean that online servers aren't reaching their full potential, and some idle players are taking the spots of players who really want to get some fragging done.

Note that Kick Idle Players and Kick Idlers are two different mutators made by two completely different people. They do the same things, but Kick Idlers is a bit better since it has a little more options. It is also more effective at what it does and more CPU efficient.

-Peter Yu

(Review transferred from Modsquad 1)
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