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Post Bbr

Hey i am -=TaZ=-K-Man*R* from the BBR Server. I am out promoting the server. The people we have on there are great, but are getting boring. They each have their own way through the maps and you soon find their pattern and you can find them quickly. Well we have a few clans going and our running out of people to recruit so i decieded i would promote the server to get other people to come and play with us. That way we have new people to recruit for clans and new people to play with that might make it a little bit challanging…here are the setting for the BBR server:
[CSHP] BBR Server
ngStats UID: #1156669
Game Type: Capture the Flag (CTF)
Mutators: CSHP4+.HackProtection, Botpack.DMMutator, Botpack.LowGrav, Botpack.FatBoy, Botpack.SniperArena, Relics.RelicRegen, Relics.RelicDefense, Relics.RelicSpeed, Relics.RelicStrength, Relics.RelicRedemption, Relics.RelicDeath, BDBMapVote3.BDBMapVote3
Mode: Dedicated Server
Game Style: Hardcore
Game Speed: 65%
Weapons Stay: yes
Jump Match: no
Translocator: enabled
Air Control: 35.0% (default)
Timelimit: 20
Team Score: Limit 3
Team Damage: 0.0%
come and play with us sometime. if you have to download maps and skins. go to and download them from there...takes A LOT less time then from the server. Hope to new people come in and tell them K-Man sent yea
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The Unreal Tournament forums are here.
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No idea what to put here.
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I'd check out your server if UT wasnt screwing up for me.
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