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Old 11th Jan 2002, 09:08 AM   #1
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Online vs Offline problems.

Right, it's been suggested i post this here too:

when testing offline both through Ued and UT my map _appears_ to be working correctly. When running on an online server strange things start happening. Ammo appears in mid air, some weapons don't respawn, and I have a bridge that has completely disappeared- try walking across where it should be, and you will a) sometimes splat to the ground below or b) you'll make it across but halfway across you'll warp to the red base flag room for a few seconds (while you're still running across). This is beginning to vex me. The bridge is technically a destroyable mover, and the other one works fine which is driving me crazy. I also begin to get bsp/hom effects which are greatly reduced in single/offline playing. Any ideas?
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Old 11th Jan 2002, 12:11 PM   #2
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i would suggest ordering the bridge to last or even rebuilding it completely. as for the weapons and stuff not respawning, i have had similar problems, and traced it to mutators. i found that sometimes even if you turn a mutator off, it keeps going anyway and the only way to fix it is to reinstall ut...
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I wouldnt think you need to reinstall, try just editing your ini files, like UnrealTournament.ini, this is where the mutator list is kept (i think)
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