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Old 17th Dec 2001, 12:19 AM   #1
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Model Farm FAQ (anything else i should put?)


Model Farm FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.) Where can i download 3D Studio Max?

I dont know, I dont know, I dont know..
I thought i'd say that three times because i get asked it so much

2.) Where did all the old Model Farm files go?

ModelFarm was originally designed to provide base .3DS and .MAX files to modellers... but no one seemed to get that point and instead decided to email me asking 'Where do i put this 3ds file cos i really want to play UT with this [enter model name]'.

I still have all the files.. might upload them one day, who knows...

3.) Werent you the one that's making that aliens weapons pack?


4.) Where is it?

Still being worked on.. Animations are underway.. Pulse Rifle is complete except for coding..
You've got to remember that im one guy, and i have a lot of stuff to do (sigh). I work as fast as i can but sometimes i get lagged behind...

5.) What's with the Winged Hearts?

Well, everyone needs a personal symbol. Those are mine..
Incase anyone interested it's quite simple... Im the small heart... My love (i.e. my emotion of love) is the big heart...

When i get the chance (probably when im in the US) im gonna have it tattoed into my shoulder

6.) Will you make [whatever] for me/my mod?

Well, it all depends.. my time is REALLY stretched at the time of writing this, but im always open to ideas..
Email me using the contact link in the menu and state what it is your doing, and what you would like...

7.) Mazza says you look like Ice from topgun.. is this true?

Bleh. I used to. I had slick back hair (i also dance like John Travolta so im told.. not a good combo you must admit . Currently im growing my hair back to shoulder length.. It used to be that long before but after i got dumped by one of my ex's, i chopped it all off. BAD move.. i miss my hair... soon ill have it back

8.) Are you a teamkiller?

PMB, please stop emailing me.

9.) Your running out of FAQ questions arent you?

Ahem.. well, yes, but still, tis all good fun
Am i missing anything?
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