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Old 29th Aug 1999, 09:39 AM   #1
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I've been playing a lot of Half-Life:CounterStrike recently, Yeah I know what my .sig says, but sometimes you have to use the Dark Side(tm). When the first beta of CounterStrike came out, I tried it and was NOT impressed. It just felt wrong, so I dropped it and went back to INF (Which I can and do play on a Mac!).
Now the second Beta is out, I tried it and loved it. Enough that I am seriously considering buying a Wintel box just to play it on...
Now the question is why? Well, first it is the pacing of the just plays faster due to the fact that movement speed hasn't been tweaked, it doesn't seem like you're swimming through molasses just to duck behind cover. Now anybody who has read my posts can guess that I'm nuts about realism, but not to the point where it kills gameplay. Second, the look and feel of the available maps kick ass. Now granted the CS mappers have access to the Half-Life texture base which is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen for urban ops, but even discounting this, the concept and execution of most of the maps (cs_mansion excepted) make them seem like you are in an action movie. You can see the map's Quake engine ancestry, but it really doesn't matter.
If INF could get some urban mappers like John Falgate or Jeff Amaro(DarkAngel) to do some INF_ maps using their textures...the mind boggles.
Third, the complete lack of any kind of healing or armor pickups. In CounterStrike if you're injured you stay that way until either you die, or the end of the round. That speeds up the play of rounds tremendously. It always feels more exciting when you are running around with 2 or 3 Health and you just don't know if somebody is lining up on you with a silenced .45.
However, this not to say that CounterStrike is the second coming. The maps still use Quake geometry and size limits. The money/purchase system still leads to games where everyone is on a frantic race to buy the SAW, and most importantly for me at least, it won't run on a Mac.
Infiltration is an excellent mod right now, but it could be awe inspiring. And remember to quote Dennis Miller, "This is just my opinion, I could be wrong."

any comments, let me know...

Adam C.
Oh Great... another Mac

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