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Old 24th Apr 2001, 04:08 AM   #1
Liquid Night
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I think this is a very good suggestion by Zhane Striker:

"add a gunshield on the barrel that gives the user some cover, because you're just too exposed when using the Brownings. "
It would encourage use of the mounted MG's which, in my opinion is a good thing.

The other simple thing I really want to see happen is the power of the 7.62 NATO to be boosted significantly.
I don't even use the PSG, but when I get a 7.62X51mm round in the chest I expect to die.

I am also in favour of a scout rifle.
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Old 24th Apr 2001, 05:30 AM   #2
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Theres one reason people dont use M2HBs in game.

Its about 40mm wide, contains alarge amount of explosives, and is launched from a tube underlsung to a newbie's M16. Yes, a grenade.

If it wern't for these little white balls of goodness, i'd never leave the M2HB, its an excellent gun. Just too many pansies that dont know how to aim it properly and all the do is complain.

Also, to put a shield on there, would make it almost impossible to aim, even for those that do know how. Unless the view changes to look straight down the barrel.. which i doubt it it wll, the M2 would be useless with a shield on it.

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Old 24th Apr 2001, 10:52 AM   #3
Evil Bastard
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Yeah, when the M203 and 40mm grenade bulk values are sjusted in 2.86, and every pansie and their mother doesn't have 5 of them, I'll use the M2's ALOT more (assuming I have adequate fire support).

They're great guns, and the few times I've been able to successfully use one for a time online, they devastated the enemy.

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Old 24th Apr 2001, 11:36 AM   #4
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i try to avoid them. they're a bit buggy, i like them when they work, but it seems that most of the time i get stuck on that damn de bug thingy where you can't shoot anything and can't switch weapons.
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