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Old 10th Feb 2001, 12:05 AM   #1
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Well this is not for me, I am quite happy with my V3 3000..... hmmm well almost..... anyway
i went to a friend´s house... cos he just bought UT... and when we installed it.... and patched it... and then ran it.... oh god... it looked awful.... runned jerky... like if he had 16mb of ram and the pc needed the swap file all the time..... but it happens that he has 128mb of ram..... and a nice p3 700mhz Intel..... not celeron.
i couldn´t even manage to raise the resolution to 800x600..... D3D was awful.... then i tryied open gl and it kinda worked better..... but dark..... but it was playable.....

Now hes upset cos his card is supposed to be better than mine.... but can´t run UT nicely...... and he also has Q3.... but i am telling him to not touch that damn game... so he is not.... í promised him i was gonna fix his UT...... but i don´t have any idea about Nvida....please, can you help me to make UT run nice with TNT 2 32mb!!!!!
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