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Old 20th Jul 2012, 05:38 PM   #1
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Supernatural; Winchester's game.

Hi everyone, want to show my game that is not a game yet. Its still in the early beta.

So I started my school in 3D animation in September and we will have to create an actual game at the end. And because a love the TV show Supernatural, i'm going to create one based on the First episode of the seventh season. So here's what i have so far

Here's the screen shot that i Have so far

And there's the walkthrough

The game will happen inside this building, so i'm not really interested on working on the outside. But still, I'll keep working a bit on it

Here's the inside so far

Its hard to show the inside with a single picture when, in the game, the light are flickering. I will try to release a video soon.

the pb right now is that it look empty, i'm gonna try to filled the scene a little!

And here's the screen shot for the cinematic at the begenin.

and here's the inside of bobby office in real time in Full HD. This will either be my menu of the game or the cinematic at the beginning, will see how the character turn out.

I'm gonna have to low down the bloom effect cause their was never any bloom in any supernatural tv show.
Also, going to try to fill up a little bit the kitchen. It look too empty
And the main desk was made back in September, and a s*cked back then in unwrapping uv lol, so will have to adjust that

Last thing, i already did Sam & Dean winchester back in october (with bobby and Death), but i will work on them more (specially Sam). So what i have done so far is only death

This is my portfolio, so critiz are more than welcome!

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Old 28th Jul 2012, 01:44 AM   #2
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Hmm, something's problem here in this thread.
First post by user is gone. And my first post here. Strange...
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Old 28th Jul 2012, 03:42 PM   #3
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That's vBulletin being dumb.
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Old 1st Aug 2012, 04:40 PM   #4
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I also had a lot of problem creating this thread, sorry for any inconvenient.

Aright, so, started again to work on the inside and i think its getting pretty good...i think

here's the screenshot

There's some fix to do (like the light in the third picture are flowting in the, gonna have to add some beams)
Also, the floor look wayyy to clean, gonna try to add some dirt.

any comment? (don't worry, i don't bite )
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Old 22nd Oct 2012, 05:06 PM   #5
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I really like the tv show but, in my opinion, any game based on it needs to be in a bigger world. One building, one environment seems to limiting. Driving baby, the Impala, around would also be good:

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Old 22nd Oct 2012, 11:08 PM   #6
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Thanks maticore

Here's some update of where i'm i right know

here's the video of everything

thanks again for the comment. And as for the car, it is something that i wanted to do...but still have difficulty with car!
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