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Old 29th Jun 2012, 04:47 AM   #61
The Seldom Seen Kid
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Originally Posted by Zxanphorian View Post
Yeah, Jacks isn't beeb. I was just having fun with a conspiracy theory. You're right, Beeb was a dick, I should know. I was one of his prime targets.
To be fair: Weren't you everyone's prime target?
Beeb was more like the Moby Dick in the sea full of dickfish

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Offensive mode!
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Originally Posted by Firefly View Post
here's my random post
It needs work.

I can smell your ausfahrts..
bring DeeperShade
.. back to life!
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Originally Posted by Kaithofis View Post
To be fair: Weren't you everyone's prime target?
True story. Zxan used to be kind of an idiot back in the Unreal Wiki days.

He's getting to be so grown up now. Sniff.
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cryptophreak is mad at polly ticks, i can think of any tags, i can't think of any tags, zxanphorian is all grown up *sniff*

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