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Kerr Avon
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Should I play Unreal Gold or Unreal: 1st Generation

I've not played Unreal properly before (I gave it a go, but didn't get far, as I have so many games in my backlog), but I want to give it a proper go. But I've seen the Unreal Tournament mod 1st Generation ( ), which says:

"Unreal Tournament: 1st Generation is a Standalone Expansion Pack for Unreal Tournament, it includes Unreal and Unreal's Expansion Pack, this allows for new weapons like the Grenade Launcher, CAR and Rocket Launcher from Unreal: Return to Na Pali, UT1G does not require Unreal Tournament to run, no installation required either as it is a standalone, it is mod friendly, online capabilities to play against players on Unreal and Unreal Tournament, this mod features: All maps from Unreal, All Unreal Tournament Character models, Unreal and Unreal Tournament weapons, Singleplayer capability, Multiplayer capability, WORM mutator to allow you to choose either Unreal or Unreal Tournament Weapons. Good news to all Unreal fans of Nali Weapons, this mod is compatible with Nali Weapons 3." [copied and pasted from the page]

Anyway, as a (more or less) newcomer to Unreal, should I play the original game (I have the Unreal Gold pack), or UT + the 1st Generation mod? Logically, I'd imagine I should play Unreal Gold, as it's the original game*, and I can always try the 1st Generation mod later, to see how they differ, but is the 1st Generation significantly better in any way that means I should play that instead of Unreal Gold? What differences are there between Unreal Gold, and 1st Generation?

* Is Unreal Gold different from the original release of Unreal (aside from the addition of the expansion pack?
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