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Old 7th May 2012, 12:31 AM   #21
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Fairly hyped by BL2, just wish that Gaemstop didn't get the additional pre-order bonus over Amazon/Bestbuy
About the only reason I'm aiming to preorder from BB is I have $55 in gift cards for it, otherwise I'd snag from Amazon cuz they have BL2 for $50

Originally Posted by Azura View Post
Welcome to BuF, home of the bukkake angel O_o...
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Old 7th May 2012, 04:16 PM   #22
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Originally Posted by Renegade Retard View Post
Timesplitters 4? There was a 1, 2, and 3???

Must be a very relevant game in the industry.
I will come to your house and kill you if you slander Timesplitters again.

Originally Posted by scott84 View Post
As has already been said, Free Radical has been absorbed. Timesplitters would have been a perfect launch title for the new generation, but I dont think anyone saw that happening. There hasn't been an announcement on a new TS4...until now...that its not under development

Its kind of strage. A few months back I started googling for information on what the hell happened the the TS series and found out what has been stated.

With that said, I wouldnt be surprised if the TS IP gets some much needed dev time. If Crytek's only intentions of grabbing Free Radical was to absorb the talent, they're wasting a good IP.
They had them work on Crysis 2 multiplayer and now they are working on another sure to be industry defining game - Homefront 2!

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Old 16th May 2012, 10:19 AM   #23
Kerr Avon
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Originally Posted by tomcat ha View Post
bioshock sucks, what a massive disappointment that was goddamn.

i should actually start up ss3 one of these days i only bought it during a steam sale....
Bioshock is great. Granted it has huge flaws (i.e. it gets easier as it goes on, as your power increases faster than the enemies does, the hacking subgame is randomly impossible (literally!) sometimes, like so many (of the very few) games with good storylines it becomes too predictable on later playthroughs as there's too little randomization, etc), but the gameplay is very enjoyable, the story is very engrossing, and the atmosphere is strongest I've ever felt in any game ever.

I do, though, wish it was more RPG based, like System Shock 2 was (SS2 was made by some of the same people as Bioshock). Even I, who loves FPS games above all other types, think that Bioshock's very well thought out and realised game world deserved more than just a (relatively) simplistic FPS set of gameplay rules. If it had have had the depth of gameplay that SS2 had, then the game would have been extended by your having to create your own items and weapons intelligently (instead of just carrying a few random items when you click on an inventing machine, and selecting what you want the machine to invent), which would have been more in keeping with Bioshock's atmosphere (look at the gun turrets, which are made out of typewriters and chairs, for example, the residents of Rapture had learned to create weapons to protect themselves), the game could have been much longer as you'd have had to search the areas and recover old ground, as in System Shock 2, instead of just basically getting to the end of each level, which is the objective in most FPS games.
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Old 16th May 2012, 10:30 AM   #24
Kerr Avon
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Originally Posted by Renegade Retard View Post
Timesplitters 4? There was a 1, 2, and 3???

Must be a very relevant game in the industry.
TS2 and 3 (Timesplitters 3 is usually called Timesplitters: Future Perfect) are brilliant. TS1 is mainly a multiplayer game, with a mapmaker, some challenges and a single player campaign that's tacked into the multiplayer levels.

Timesplitters 2 was much better, with a proper single player campaign (i.e. it had levels designed purely for single player, it didn't use multiplayer levels for single player), co-op mode, challenges, lots of options for multiplayer, and a stack of unlockables.

Timesplitters 3 is probably my favourite game of the last console generation; it has a much better single player campaign than TS2, a better mapmaker, and 150 different characters you could play as or against in multiplayer, most of whom needed to be unlocked.

In all three games, you could play against bots in all multiplayer modes, even on the maps you'd made yourself. The mapmaker was very easy to use, though of course is massively limited when compared to the mapmakers you get with games like Unreal Tournament and Half-Life (it's swings and roundabouts - the Timsplitters mapmakers are very easy to use, but have relatively few options, it's very quick to make and test your maps, whereas on a PC game like UT or Quake 3, the mapmakers (called editors, usually) are far more complex but can create a map *exactly* how you want it to be, as long as you have sufficient skill and time to create the map).

TS2 and 3 are classics, I don't much like TS1, but some people did really like it, and maybe still do. I probably prefer TS3 to any FPS made after it, even Bioshock or Singularity.
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Old 16th May 2012, 11:18 AM   #25
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Bioshock sucked ass
Felt like an eternity and it was just the same crap over and over again. And it was easy too.

Thanks god there are people like Croteam who knows how to make good FPS games. The team behind Hard Reset isn't bad at all too but the expansion for that game was a lazy job.
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