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Old 4th Apr 2012, 02:47 PM   #1
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Gearbox's Sean Reardon Chats About Borderland 1's Item Duping

Sean Reardon shows that Gearbox have a pretty cool attitude to game design and the experience their IP gives to the player.


The glitch-based anomaly (Pearlescent) wasn't a very good gun but it wound up being incredibly cherished for its rarity. And even though it broke the game, the development team decided to embrace the community's positive response towards it. Because in their view, "So long as the player is laughing, it's a feature. If he's crying, it's not."
The interview was held during a trip to preview Borderlands 2 in New York.

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yes there were too many weak weapons in the game :/

I found it hard to find decent weapons.

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Yea, after a while I just did my own "gunsmithing"
Take one gun, apply parts from other guns, scrap the donators(not sell, scrap/delete)

Originally Posted by Azura View Post
Welcome to BuF, home of the bukkake angel O_o...
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