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Old 22nd Dec 2011, 07:00 PM   #1
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Pseudo-Dedicated Server for BiA without commandlets

I'm trying to create a kind of dedicated server for the Steam version of Brothers in Arms. "ucc server" won't work, so I've created a Mutator that allows the host to run the server as a spectator.

This uses a lot of resources and I was wondering if there was a way to start the game or mod it so that it didn't have a 3D viewport, or something like that. This was just one idea of mine, but if you have any other suggestions I'd really appreciate it.


More info:

The SDK for these games on the retail DVD came with a ucc.exe that ran fine and could be used to run a dedicated server with the "ucc server" commandlet. However, the Steam version of this game come with no working ucc.exe and the DVD's ucc.exe won't work with the Steam version, either.

I can't get any help on the Gearbox forums, but since Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood both run a modified UT2004 Engine, I thought someone here could help.
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No idea.
I pass switches to the game executable, though.

Example for UT2004:
C:\UT2004\System\UT2004.exe DM-Deck17?game=xGame.xDeathMatch -LANPLAY -SERVER

-LANPLAY for various optimizations that apply to.. LAN games.
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Old 26th Dec 2011, 01:31 AM   #3
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Thanks! I forgot about that option.

Unfortunately I think there's something different with this Steam executable compared to BiA's DVD retail version. The dedicated server tries to start up, but it crashes when it tries to register on the Ubi multiplayer site (all Brothers in Arms games have to connect through this Ubi portal).

If you know where I can learn the inner workings of how the ucc server works, so I can try debugging it, please point me in the direction of a tutorial site or something. Otherwise, I think I'll have to stick with my original plan of just using a spectator host.

Thanks again.

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