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Can you globally change Sound Cue Attenuatino parameters?


Really hoping someone might be able to input into this small audio related roblem I am having....

Here is a summary of my problem:
I have many hundreds of SoundCues in a package.
Within all the sounds cues they all have the same nodes:
Attenuation / Modulator / Random / Sound Nodes....

I need to alter the parameters on the Attenuation node for all of these Sound Cues.

Can this be done in a Global way, or does it need to be done one Cue at a time?

At the moment I am more inclined to think there is no Global way of doing it, having read around and tried a few things in the UDK, so probably have a long few days ahead of me :0(

Below is the exact parameter changes I need to make for anyone who thinks they may have something to input on the issue:

The parameters I need to change are all within the "Attenuation" node within the Sound Cues, and are the follwing:

Distance Algorithm - ATTENUATION_Linear needs to become ATTENUATION_NaturalSound.

Radius Min/Max needs values changed (same for all cues).

Attenuate with LPF - is currently "Unchecked" and needs to become "Checked".

LPFRadius Min/Max needs values changed (same for all cues).

I am currently not convinced it is possible, but I need to change these parameters for many hundreds of SoundCues which will literally take days if it has to be done one by one.

Any input would be very welcome, even if it is confirmation that there is no way to do this globally for a selection of Cues. I will just get cracking on doing it the slow way.

many thanks

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