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blah blah blah... Politics of Recruitment

I know the title is odd, but this thread is odd.

It's less of a recruitment thread and more of...a question about recruitment. Although, if you happen to be a programmer, skilled or wanting to learn more, and also happen to be...just sitting around not using your skills at the moment and want to work on an interesting game, feel free to PM me.

But that's not what this thread is about. Am I the only person who feels slightly awkward when recruiting for programmers? I feel like programmers are rare, and that we essentially tell them "This is the vision, do it for me so I can have some design fun".

What I want to know- What attracts someone (a coder) to a project and what doesn't attract them?

Does it really matter how ambitious the rest of the team is, or the one person? Does it matter how serious the project is, or does it just come down to whether you think what you have to offer is good enough?

I don't know if it's a self confidence thing, being timid about asking for the help of an almighty programmer, or what it is.

Would it be fair to say that programming skills are the most essential skills when it comes to video game development? I've tried coding before, been successful with different scripting languages, haven't been successful, find it tremendously hard. I would love to learn and know UDK programming, or any programming language off the top of my head, pop into the scripting environment and start building the features of my game, but that looks impossible right now.

There are tons of things I've never done before with regards to making games, relating to rigging character models (recently new at), modeling natural items and characters, but all of that seems like a hill I can hike up. Whereas learning to code seems impossible.

I want to go to school for video games, in fact it's not a want, I've essentially made it so my life is not imaginable, my existence is not plausible without me being a video game developer and having been schooled in the subject. However that post-secondary schooling is still 2 or 3 years away.

This is turning into a life story/ diary entry, I apologize. I've had lots of great ideas pass me by, some of them get turned into simple drawings and paintings, others become short stories or comics, and the rest become elaborate game designs. However I've never actually decided until now, to step out of what I'm comfortable with, to try and achieve limitless possibilities, and actually craft these game ideas.

I recently began reading a really cheesy self-help type of book, and in the beginning it essentially pampered me and praised the fact that I do have good ideas, they don't stop, and it helped me realize that for the past 5 or so years of my life, I have lived with these ideas passing me by like one-night lovers and always failing to succeed at constructing them. Yet, I kept coming back with new ideas trying to use different game engines because I had to get these concepts out of my head and into the hands of other people to experience, it was God's will. Finally, now that I understand I have to be persistent and can control how hard I go at things, it seems like everywhere I turn when trying to learn Unreal script, there's no base. There's a base to start a game from scratch, great, I've done that well-written tutorial multiple times. Where do I go from there? It sounds like I'm expecting a step by step guide on how to create the game that is in my mind, and I kind of am. But at the same time I'm willing to let my mind sweat, and I'm willing to learn the bare bones of Unreal Scripting and watch what I learn tie in together and actually help me form a game.

Okay wow, lucid moment, people are going to read 1/10 of this and think I'm on crack, or worse.

In retrospect it sounds like I'm writing a letter for someone to pity me and become my programmer, and if that works then great. But in case it doesn't work like that, I am essentially extremely frustrated with the lack of footing for getting into scripting with the UDK and I wonder, do we all have to be coders? Is a coder's job more difficult than any other game-related job? Do coders have an artistic vision that they want to add to the game? Is it advised to sit back and let another person do the "dirty work"? At least until I have the knowledge required to code for myself?

Lastly, can someone point me in the direction of a good tutorial,book, something that will teach me the ins and outs of scripting in UDK? Maybe it is to much to ask, but right now I'll stick with asking for the most descriptive and vast UDK encyclopedia there is.

The other option would be for me to visit this forum every hour or so and ask a coding question, however you guys aren't the quickest to reply some times, no most of the time.
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