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(360/PS3) Dark Souls


Wasn't that great? No, it was horrible? Okay, here's a trailer without the stupid song.

Anyways, Dark Souls is the sequel spiritual successor to Demon's Souls, a game that is known for difficulty and awesomeness. Dark Souls is even harder and even more awesome.

Things to know:
  • It's hard: Okay, maybe I've said that Demon's Souls isn't that hard. Well, if you haven't played the previous game at all you should know that Dark Souls will probably kill you. A lot. Even if you've played the previous game you should know you'll probably die. A lot. Not as much as the newbies, maybe, but still!
  • It's fun: Demon's Souls plays like a 3D Legend of Zelda game with less story and puzzles and more fighting. Dark Souls is basically Demon's Souls with a new story and setting and instead of 5 different levels it's all an interconnected open world, reminiscent of Castlevania or Metroid. Except with more of you dying.
  • It's big: Demon's Souls was more or less a 30-hour game with about 30 different enemy types. Dark Souls is going a 60-hour game with about 100 enemy types.
  • It's online: Online in Demon's Souls was weird. Online in Dark Souls is weirder. In addition to Demon's Souls message system and ghosts-that-are-players and bloodstains-that-are-player's-deathspots, Dark Souls will have a faction system wherein players can align themselves to factions that bestow various benefits. One faction will let you invade other players worlds on a whim, but beware: other players can put you on a bounty list which can lead to you being invaded by a player from another faction wanting to dish out justice. My favorite item known about so far is a Gravestone: you plant this gravestone and it will make other players' games harder by adding enemies. The only way to get rid of this added difficulty is by finding where the gravestone was planted and warping to the world of the player who planted the gravestone and killing that player. NOTE: Online in Dark Souls is unfortunately P2P instead of on a master-server, so it kinda is broken for some people. It doesn't ruin the game, but it's kind of a downer.

ITT hype Dark Souls. It's be amazing. Prepare to die.
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hard game is hard, prepare to die

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