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Old 26th May 2010, 12:45 AM   #1
Vortex Convict
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NA PALI: A Potential Mod for UNREAL 2?

Hello, everyone,
I've been familiar with someone else on the forum wanting to recreate the first UNREAL through the UTIII engine, but I was curious as to whether UNREAL can be recreated as a mod for UNREAL 2.

I know that UNREAL 2's engine is flawed and very difficult to work with, which accounts for very few mods being made for it. However, the engine in UNREAL 2 is incredibly beautiful, and to quote loosely what PC Gamer reviewer remarked about the game, the engine would look spectacular in the hands of an inspired modder. I like the richness of the UNREAL 2's colors and the immensity of its environments, and the potential the engine has for DEUS EX-like interaction (whether it can be pulled off or not). I have this image in my head of a even larger version of The Trench level, with a super-titanic Titan (60 ft. as opposed to 30 ft.) approaching you with a volumeric yellow/gray sky above populated with alert gasbags.

The conversation branch part of UNREAL 2 could be used for communicating with the Nali or wounded humans you may encounter.

Plus, the engine is less blurry than UTIII.

Is the engine too flawed to do an UNREAL mod for UNREAL 2?
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