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Dark Pulse
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MSUC Phase 2 Winners Announced

Another phase of the MSUC contest is now officially history.


LAS VEGAS - February 18, 2009 - Epic Games, Inc. today announced Phase 2 winners in its $1 Million Intel Make Something Unreal Contest. The competition rewards top mods created for Unreal Tournament 3 with cash and hardware prizes in four preliminary phases and a grand final judging. In this portion of the judging alone, a total of $70,000 in cash prizes will be distributed to mod authors who place each category.

"Intel is committed to unleashing developer innovation. The second phase of the $1 Million Intel Make Something Unreal Contest has delivered some of the most exciting and innovative Unreal Tournament 3 game mods ever," said Elliot Garbus, vice president Intel Software and Services Group, general manager Visual Computing Software Division. "This contest is just one of the ways that Intel's Visual Adrenaline developer program encourages developers and enthusiasts alike to get the most out of PC gameplay."

The Phase 2 winning mods will be showcased at the 2009 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco at the Intel Lounge.

"Epic's mod contest has provided benefits for both mod authors and the game industry alike," said Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games, Inc. "Past winners have gone on to ship commercial games using the Unreal Engine, and several former members of the Unreal mod community have found jobs either with Epic or with companies licensing the Unreal Engine."
And now, without further ado... the list of winners, in order of finish.

Best Game Mod:
  1. Prometheus by Rachel "Angel Mapper" Cordone and Prometheus Project
  2. The Haunted by Michael Hegemann and The Haunted team
  3. The Ball: Oztoc by Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong and The Ball team
  4. Angels Fall First: Planetstorm by Alex Drake and The Planetstorm Team
  5. Snowreal by Michael Buettner

Best New Character or Customization Pack:
  1. Xeno by Charles "EvilEngine" Jones
  2. Egyptian Warlord Amenophis by David Hagemann
  3. The Haunted by Michael Hegemann and The Haunted team
  4. RuneStorm Crusader by Arn Reichart
  5. RuneStorm Skeleton Minion Characters by Arn Reichart

Best New Vehicle:
  1. XS Harpy by Jochem "Xyx" van 't Hull
  2. Dispatcher by John Beswick
  3. Sturm Gunship (ULA) by Alex Drake and The Planetstorm Team
  4. Coda Horse by Nathan "Denrei" Aschenbach
  5. Lav III by John Beswick

Best New Vehicle CTF Level:
  1. Apex by Neil Hodges
  2. TrainCrossing by Nathaniel Rossol
  3. Defection_SE by Scott Coxhead
  4. FrozenTomb by Robert Ghartley
  5. Kelahf by Wael "cooloola" Ben Dhia

Best New Deathmatch or CTF Level:
  1. SteamTemple by Thomas "Setheran" Browett
  2. Arean by Daniel Diaz Gonzalez
  3. Thor by Jesus Diaz Gonzalez
  4. Worm by Claes "Nurb" Engdal
  5. Dreary3 by Bryan Sparksman

Best New Warfare Level:
  1. Flare by Thomas "Setheran" Browett
  2. Tropico by Nick Donaldson
  3. Meditation by Muhammad "MozI" Ahmed
  4. RealGar by Opeyemi "Jayoplus" Ajayi
  5. TanksForPlaying by Josh "CaptainSnarf" Turpen

Best Graphics in Map:
  1. Tropico by Nick Donaldson
  2. Worm by Claes "Nurb" Engdal
  3. Krodan by Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong
  4. SteamTemple by Thomas "Setheran" Browett
  5. Arean by Daniel Diaz Gonzalez

Best Use of Physics:
  1. The Ball: Oztoc by Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong and The Ball team
  2. Cubes of Serenity by Anna Beck-Thomsen, Lawrence Johnson, Jens Hammerhøj, André Johansen, Martin Larsen, and Janusch Häring
  3. CaptainSnarf's Modded Vehicles by Josh "CaptainSnarf" Turpen
  4. XS Harpy by Jochem "Xyx" van 't Hull
  5. Unreal Demolition 2 by Dan Weiss

Best Machinima:
  1. DoubleKill - Episode 1 by David Tyner
  2. Rebirth by Sergey Tomych

BeyondUnreal would like to congratulate all the winners and everyone who entered. Remember, Phase 3 begins in April 2009, so there's still time to score some cash and prizes... and who knows, maybe even your very own Unreal Engine 3 license!


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