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Old 28th Sep 2008, 09:47 PM   #1
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Version 021



Release Notes

Features Added
  • Added an option bContinuousWaves to the wave config. There will be no countdown between waves. (Still has the wave survived announcement.) - requested by Fribble
  • Added an option, bSpreadScoreOnDamage, to distribute the score based on damage done to the monster - requested by chilau1
  • Added an option, DisableAllVehiclesOverride to the wave config that will override the game 'bDisableAllVehicles' setting. - requested by AndrewofDoom
  • Added an option, bSpawnBossSolo, to WaveTable1 to have bosses appear all other monsters are dead. - requested by AndrewofDoom
  • Added the following monsters:
    • AlienBunny
    • NinjaTigerBunny
    • SwordMasterBunny
General Improvements

* Reduced the Mechanical Golem's projectile damage. Added function to destroy them when the Golem dies.
* Added the rodent sounds to the bunnies and mice.
* Corrected many of the weapons' flash colors.

Bugs Fixed

* Fixed MechanicalGolem crashing the game/server - reported by GUPraeToriaN
* The Wave Manager does not find the correct wave configuration - reported by Cyzmyass
* Fixed the beams on the custom weapons not showing up in first player on network games.

General Notes

* Resizing the monsters works, to some degeree.
* The Ninja Bunny's weapon is NOT usable by players at this time.
* I have added the new monsters into the 'RODENTS' wave config.
* If you are using the "Sentinel" Automatic Cannon, make sure you have the latest version... or strange things happen. =P
* Doll bomb will have to wait for the next version.
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Old 9th Oct 2008, 02:53 PM   #2
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I just downloaded it and installed it, and it seems to be giving me a problem. Not just with Invasion, but with all game types, when I press ESC to get to the menu, my game just all of a sudden shuts down. It's only been doing that ever since I installed this though, and when I uninstalled it, it stopped doing it.
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Old 11th Oct 2008, 09:11 AM   #3
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With all gametypes? Does not sound like a problem with Invasion, unless you installed it incorrectly. Can you check the log file and see what kind of errors you get?

- Galtanor
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