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Former Games Don't Work After Installing New Game


I downloaded and installed the map pack Legacy (, using the included Umod procedure with Oldschool. After installing the map pack, the game runs properly, but my previously installed map packs (7-Bullets, Xidia Gold and USP-Dejavu) no longer appear in the Main Menu of Unreal Tournament.

The files for those map packs are still located in the Maps folder of Unreal Tournament. However, when I run any of them from the Maps folder, I get an error that states something like, cant find Bool Property, so the program can't find the map.

I suspect that installing the Oldschool process that came with the Legacy map pack borked something. The Oldschool stuff was already installed and working properly. However, I noticed no instructions on how to install the Legacy map pack in situations where you already have the Oldschool processes installed and working.

How can I fix this?

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Legacy UMOD has an older Oldskool version attached to it. Just download again the latest version of Oldskool to fix everything.
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Well, that was easy. I already had a copy of the Oldskool version that I had installed before I installed the Legacy version. I just reinstalled it from a backup CD I have. Presto, all my former map packs became available and playable. Nice!

I'm back in business. I like to play these map packs from time-to-time. There is much to learn from doing so. By the way, Legacy is worth a look, for those of you who haven't tried it yet. It has some unconventional approaches, if you like that sort of thing.



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