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Domination Reloaded

1. Name: Domination Reloaded
2. Version: 0.23
3. Compatibility: PC/PS3 - UT3 v1.2
4. Description: A small gametype mixing Classic Domination from UT99 and Bombing Run from UT200x
5. Homepage:

Hi there.
I created a small gametype mixing Classic Domination from UT99 and Bombing Run from UT200x.

In this gametype, players have to grab an orb (it's possible to have several orbs in a same map, it's on the level designer choice) and bring it to a node to capture it. Each node gives a point every four seconds to the team that captured it.
When you hold an orb, you have a new weapon: the orb launcher. Unlike the Ball Launcher from BR, it doesn't feature a passing system but can launch the orb with more or less power.

The mod comes with two maps, but only one is playable.
- DR-ShangriLa: it's DM-ShangriLa with one spawn base and three nodes.
- DR-Test: my test map and an example of what can be done with the UnrealKismet. When you keep the node next to the spawn base enough time, all the other nodes that are held by the other team are set to neutral.

As I'm not a level designer, if someone wants to do a map for the mod, don't hesitate. I'll be happy to see other people interested in the development of this mod.

Feel free to test and give feedback

(sorry for the awkward english)

UPDATE (2008/05/26) euchreplayer23 cooked it for PS3, see above link to download. Here's the note he left
Originally Posted by euchreplayer23
Please see above link for DominationReloaded cooked for PS3. The map DR-ShangriLa is also in the file. Make sure that you install DominationReloaded first and then the map.

UPDATE (2008/06/29) v0.2 PS3 link removed. Version 0.23 for PS3 is available on the download page linked above.
UPDATE (2008/06/29 (2)) PS3 version doesn't work actually.

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