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ElderFuthark.utx - Runes Texture Pack

Tidying up my hard drive, I came across this. I'm posting it in the faint hope that it might be useful to someone.

Projector texture pack.

This is a set of textures based on the Elder Futhark. The Elder Futhark is the oldest form of the runic alphabet, used by Germanic tribes for Proto-Norse and other Migration period Germanic dialects of the 2nd to 8th centuries for inscriptions on artifacts (jewellery, amulets, tools, weapons) and rune stones.

The textures included here provide the set of runes that form the Elder Futhark - a runic alphabet.

They are intended for use as projectors.

These textures are based on a set of public domain images referenced from

The wikipedia images have been resized onto a 256x256 canvas (preserving the aspect ratio of the original image - 150x200). The background of each image was then set to RGB 127,127,127 - a gray that is transparent when used as a projector texture. The runic image is coloured yellow because that is what I needed. If you need a different colour then simply do a colour select of the yellow and then bucket fill with your desired colour.

The images were then exported as 64x64 tga and imported into UEd.

Included in this package is ElderFuthark.utx. Do not include this package in your maps - copy any textures that you need into your map's MyLevel package.

I've included a simple sample map showing each of the textures projected - DM-ElderFutharkSampleMap.ut2

Lastly, I've included all of the master images (256x256) in GIMP xcf format so that you can change the colours of the projected textures and add effects and also the 64x64 tga versions.

No sounds or detail textures have been assigned as projectors should inherit those from the underlying texture.

Wikipedia for the original PD images:

Copyright / Permissions
I'm placing the derived images in the public domain (or equivalent if that is not possible in your or my jurisdiction)

This image was resized using the screenshot tag.  Click to view the full version

This image was resized using the screenshot tag.  Click to view the full version

Download: (143kbytes)
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