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Old 14th Feb 2006, 02:43 PM   #61
Ms God!
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Yup! But less overpowered this time.

Very nice work, by the way.
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Old 28th Feb 2006, 12:51 PM   #62
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Impact Hammer: IMO the Shield Gun was perfect. Primary was wieldy enough that you could make close range kills if you had to. Secondary was great for making concussion jumps. I don't think it was that usefull for just shield+running away, but if it was, you could just reduce the ammo so you can't put it up as long.

: Yeah, it sucks that these are automatically dual enforcers. **** that. I think starting with single and then getting double was one of the best parts of the UT99 enforcers. The starting weapon didn't have to be that powerfull at spawn, but you could upgrade it so it stands even with the other weapons. Dual enforcers by default is just redundant stylistic bull****.

I think the other great thing about the UT99 enforcers, was buy being relatively accurate, it actually did something reliably and well. IMO, it was a little too powerfull, but with slightly toned down damage, it'd be perfect. The problem with the Ass Rifle primary is it's not powerfull, or accurate, or very fast firing; it really doesn't do anything reliably, and killing with it just feels like luck much of the time.

Assault Rifle
: Not really necessary, but I think it could be viable as an optional alternative to the enforcer if fixed. IMO, grenades are a little too powerfull to spawn with considering they do only slightly less damage than rockets. You could scrap dual ARs, and just make grenades the post-spawn upgrade. Start with 0, but on ammo pickup you get like 10, and they could be fully as powerfull as rockets or flak bombs.

Shock Rifle: IMO in UT2004 it's fine. if you want to tweak it, fine; I don't have strong opinions on the shock really...I don't use it as much as most Unreal players.

Link Gun: Discussed in a sepetate thread, but IMO it needs either faster fire rate, splash damage, or faster projectiles. The way it's handled should probably depend on how the stinger pans out.

Stinger: I'm curious as to how this is handled. In UC2, it was basically just a minigun with ghei needler-esque alt fire. Hopefully, they ditch the homing ****, and just make atleast 1 of the fire modes a basic projectile-type attack. Since there doesn't seem to be a minigun, having 1 of the 2 modes be a basic minigun-type hitscan attacc would be fine with me. However, it could also just be a really fast projectile attack (like 4x rocket speed) with a slight amount of spread.

So, IMO, it could go something like this:

link primary- big bolts, 300 rounds per minute, 1x rocket speed, 30 damage, splash damage
stinger primary- medium shards, 600 rpm, 2x rocket speed, 15 damage, no splash
stinger secondary- tony shards, 800-1200 rpm, 4x rocket speed, 4-8 damage, slight amount of spread

Minigun - depending on how the stinger is handled, it might be redundant, it might not be... If it's not in the game, the enforcers or assault rifle could fill it's place.

Flak Cannon: IMO there is some damage disaparity between flak and rockets. Flak you have a very strong chance of killing in one hit. Rocket you have none, and while you can fire more than one at once, the slow charging time make this not much consolation. If rockets are ballanced to do 100 damage, then the problem is aleiviated...though I think the flak primary doesn't really need 9x13 damage, you could bring it down to 9x12 and it'd be fine.

Also, I think flak primary curently has a very fast fire rate for a shotgun-type weapon. Since it's projectile, and not hitscan, this may be somewhat apropriate, but it does feel a little the point where it's almost a better volume-of-fire projectile weapon than the link primary. IMO, slowing the fire rate from 0.85 to something in the area of 1.25 to 1.33 seconds, and tightening the spread to increase damage outside of point-blank range...would make it more of a single-shot, power hitting, and less of a spammy, gradual attack weapon.

Rocket Launcher: IMO, rockets should be balanced so that they are more equal to flak in terms of single-shot killing other words, get it up to 100 damage. If this means slowing down the rockets a bit, or starting players with declining 125 health, or something of the sort, that's fine. I just think there should be some sort of damage consistency to the power weapons.

You could bring back the grenade alt fire if the actual grenade/cannister gun can't do it, and there's no ass rifle.

Sniper Rifle: If there's no LtG, just make it like the LtG, but with a UC2-style sniper rifle model, and smoke trail. If there is LtG, then make it more like the UT99 sniper rifle. IMO, with fire rate same as shock primary, 20-25 damage for non-headshots, and 100 damage for headshots, you'd have something that has the same "feel" of the UT99 SR without being overpowered. I just think if you're going to have both SR and LtG, the 2k4 SR is not different enough to not be redundant.

Cannister Gun
: IMO, I think changing ammo for the weapon in the proposed manner just makes it really akward. I'd rather have it act like seperate weapons, where you just press the "biorifle" weapon select key, and it bringing up the CG loaded with biosludge, or press the "grenade launcher" key and it brings up the CG loaded with grenades. Changing ammo uses up the alt fire button and feels counter-intuitive.

I really liked the UC2 grenade launcher. IMO, it was a perfect way to do it; bouncy grenades as primary, with sticky mines as secondary, and air-burst for combo fire. If they go for the "weapon switch" style of ammo switching, this would be perfect for the grenade ammo function.
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Old 28th Feb 2006, 02:37 PM   #63
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Originally Posted by Gnam
Also, I think flak primary curently has a very fast fire rate for a shotgun-type weapon. Since it's projectile, and not hitscan, this may be somewhat apropriate, but it does feel a little spammy...
Flak cannon, spammy? Noooooo....
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Old 1st Mar 2006, 03:28 PM   #64
Sweet Dreams
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I would like you to start with the Assault Rifle, but be able to pick up the enforcers seaparatley as a really powerful pistol. Then you would have 2 akimbo weapons.
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Old 1st Mar 2006, 09:47 PM   #65
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this would engourage linking, which is actually a devastating move, and it wouldnt have to be a whole kill, it could be more like an assit or 1/2 a kill
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Old 2nd Mar 2006, 04:05 PM   #66
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But then one single kill would be equal to 1,5 for the team linking. If Epic decided to implement a such horrid thing they should at least split the kill equally between the linker and the killer.
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Old 3rd Mar 2006, 03:10 AM   #67
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well in dm it would still only be 1 frag per kill but for teamdm games then awarding half a frag to each player might be a good idea as the idea of the game is to increase your teams score.

Assist points could be more helpful for ctf and domination types as frags dont mean as much in these gametypes. I kinda like the idea of awarding more points for a vehicle kill as frags dont count much in Ons or assualt either.

Maybe the whole frag based score system could be changed somewhat for gametypes that dont really rely on frags to win, linking giving more points in these gametypes isnt really worth it, its the team who benifits from this because they all become some what stronger so they can take positions as a unit.
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Old 3rd Mar 2006, 10:56 AM   #68
the head
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CTF- because epic is going to include ICTF in 2k7 they'll probably have lots of non-vehicular CTF maps since IG andvehicles dont go toghther very well.

UW- epic's jeff morris did not discused the RTS/AS elements of this mode since their not yet OFFCIALY in the game, but in the same forum topic he responded to this was a poll showing that players prefare the old concepts by much(100% voted to it) so they'll probably maintain most of them,jeff also said that he is very excited about the side-missions so I guees it would be one of the things that are to stay,as said , it cant be ONSx2 espcially with regular ONS putted into the game aside UW with some warfare elements of its own.

THE ENFORCERS : the fact that the Enforcres are mentioned as DUAL EnforcerS doesn't meen that you'll spawn with two ,but that you could get 2, since a singal enforcer was discribed by Ign(who also said its automatic,ofcourse it isn't, yet it showes showing an increasion of its RoF especially at alter-fire,with a decearse of per. bullet damage) as well as showen in some public demonsrations.

THE FLAK-CANNON- Its patteren has been tightend, it also bounces more and each shard seem to cuse greater damage, altough it only fires 9 ones, the RoF is high, and the capabillaties of UE3 alowes the shrads to brake thier tight flying formation and sapparate when hitting objects in spesific ways.

THE LINK-GUN:UT's primary is excelent, altough the minigun-like spread its more compterable and effective to use for long ranges, yet its values of accseleration sould be 2KX-like, all while alt-fire should be UT cutter beam with some lock-on( allowing the beam to slightly self-adjust on the target while yet slowing your abilty to turn the weapon in another direction,balancings the beam's power), both fire modes should have btter feedback expresed as recoil,sound( 2kx primary sounds like a guy swoloing his spit) and fire-animations, the linking capabillaty is ure to stay.

ROCKET-LAUNCHER: I'm sorry to say to the cluster-rockets lovers that the 2KX RL will be present in the game.

SNIPER-RIFLE : BU suggest a 2k4 sniper while people around the community whise for the come-back of the classic one,anyhow the greater scale of the gun, as well as a better feedback in shape of advnced firing animations,heavy recoil and loud sound wll make it l FEEL more comfterable, the use of the UC2 modell for this weapon made me thinking, what about the UC2 Sniper style,barrage of 3 bullets at primary and a digital 3D x10 scoopmode that also fires more powerfull single-rounds.
headshots sould be easier to preform, yet not too easy like a sot in the entire head or neck=head shot, thats too easy, too deadly.
CANISTER-GUN: this gun shoul fire one of 3 fire modes : BIO-similar to the 2kx bio(long range,splash, falls-off cillings) besides a longer sustian of goob, bigger splash,greater RoF.
STICKY-GRENADES: similar to 2kx, larger range, sustianed arment of grenades like in UC2.
SPIDER MINES:smaller limit, about max. 6 spiders, may have a spy-cam inbetted within the spiders.
the ammo that you will ave or that will be ablable t the current time/loction will dictate the active type of ammo, when you run-out of one it switches to the next, though thre might be a special switching button.

SHOCK-RIFLE: the larger weapon scale will make this weapon professionaly compterable as both a primary weapon as well as a superssion weapon, its shock-ball is smaller and faster yet not as much as 99, the beam is 2kx instant-hit but seems to be fired in a FASTER RoF, the combo is 2k4-like(not 03[which costes only 2 ammo points], it wastes ammo like the classic, causes damage on a larger area,I donno about the damage),
yet is larger, and less see-through.

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