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I need some Beta Testers...

I'm getting ready to release a new version of EvenGround packed with even more features than the last version but I need some quite extensive testing done to the current feature set to ensure that the current version of the mutator is working correctly and to find any bugs so that I can patch them up.

I'm also still in the middle of development for TAG (I still haven't been able to nail down the scoring system or some of the more extensive gameplay options) and I REALLY could use some beta testers/feature designers for that mod.

I'm hoping I can rack in about 10 people that can commit to really stressing these things out and basically break all my hard work now so I won't have to find out about it later. Additionally, I take feature requests from everyone, Testers and non-testers for all of my work, so if you have an idea or anything let me know.

Also, this 10 person desire is not a limit. I would love if everyone here wanted to help with the testing and feature requirements for both projects. Post here if you want to help!

edit: I suck at descriptions of my work. But here is an old version of the readme for EvenGround (any references to UT2k3 are just leftover from the port to UT2004):
//			 	     Even Ground Mutator				 //
Author:  BJ "Sir_Brizz" Cardon
Time spent:  One day + a few hours for the first update + a few more hours for this update
		+ a few more hours for another update + a few hours for the GUI..........etc :)
Resources used: a great deal of this mutator was already written in Epic mutators. The rest was pretty easy.
		WOTgreal 2.805,2.806,2.901,2.903 (THANK YOU HARMEISTER!!)
		a bit of help from other coders of course

Makes a few modifications to the way any gametype is played. These are the things it does:

		Modifiable starting health - DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE MORE THAN 100 HEALTH! Getting hurt and 
			then getting health back will only raise you to 100
		Regen can be turned on in Configure Mutator - at 100% gives you full health for each kill.
		Modifiable starting shield
		If shield is turned on, killing someone while your health is greater than or equal to 100 will 
			recharge 10 shield units up to Starting Shield.
		All removed
		Can be enabled in Configure Mutator
		All removed
		HealthPacks can be turned on in Configure Mutator
		HealthVials can be turned on from Configure Mutator
        Ammo restocking:
		None:	      Ammo doesn't restock. Once you run out, you are out	
		One Empty:    When one gun is empty it is immediately restocked with ammo
		All Empty:    When all your guns are empty, they are all restocked with ammo (ignores grenades)
		Regenerate:   Regenerates ammo at 1 per (Ammo Rech. Rate) seconds

Extract *.u and *.int files to x:\UT2004\System (x is the drive ut2k3 is installed on.)
Extract *.txt to x:\UT2004\Help

Dedicated Servers:
Edit your UT2003.ini file. Below all of the other ServerPackages= lines, add a new line conatining this text. 'ServerPackages=EvenGround' without the quotes and it will be ready to download to your clients. Then, simply add ?Mutator=EvenGround.MutEvenGround to the command line when these files are in your System folder, and you are set to go :)
TO SET THE OPTIONS: Under the EvenGround.ini file there are several options, which are listed at the bottom of this document. Please note that SEVERAL of the options only work when another condition is true. Read these options carefully before choosing the options that are right for you.

Resetting the Defaults:
Just click the button in Configure Mutator. INI information is stored in **NEW**EvenGround.ini

Known Bugs: 
PLEASE REPORT THEM! I am Sir_Brizz on most UT2003/4 forums, including Atari and BeyondUnreal.

Changes Since v100
Reorganized the Configure Mutator screen for more User friendly interface.
Added several Randomize options

I'm not responsible to keep your game working. If this ruins something, let me know so I can repair my program, ok? If this screws your computer FUBAR, then I'm not responsible. You use this at your own risk, and I cannot offer support for anything BUT the mutator itself. There is a 99.99999999999999999% chance nothing will happen to your game.

Thank you to the BuF UT2003 regulars for their input and feedback on this mutator. Pretty much every feature found in this mutator was suggested by them. Especially thanks to Thrawn, Aenubis, EvilDrWong, LedZep, TWD, and my clan, !zz! or Snūzzers ;) Thank you to the entire staff of Beyond Unreal for the greatest Unreal Technology site on the internet!
visit us at

Thank you to Epic for UT2k3/4. Thank you to everyone who downloaded this mutator and enjoys it, because, although I make these mutators for fun, it is alot more exciting when someone actually finds a use for them. Basically thanks to everyone!

Copyright © 2003-5 by Premonition Software, Utah and BJ "Sir_Brizz" Cardon. The code is available for free, only give credit where credit is due.

These are the defaults:

int cHealth=100;            //starting health
int cShields=0;           //amount of shield
bool cAdrens=false;           //adrenaline on/off
float cReward=0;          //regeneration percent
int cAmmoType=1;          //Ammo Restocking type
int cAmmoRechRate=2;      //Ammo recharge rate
bool cHPacksOn=false;         //Healthpacks on/off
bool cHPacksRand=false;       //Randomize Health Packs
bool cVialsOn=false;          //Health vials on/off
bool cVialsRand=false;        //Randomize healthvials
bool cAmmoPUOn=false;         //turn on ammo pickups
bool cAmmoPURand=false;       //Turn on random ammo pickups
bool cPowerupsOn=false;       //Turn on powerups like shields
bool cPowerupsRand=false;     //randomize powerup placement
bool cUDAlwaysOff=false;      //UDamage is never enabled
int cHPrand=0;            //No. of randHPacks (Health Packs)
int cHVrand=0;            //No. of randHVial (Health Vials)
int cAPrand=0;            //No. of randAPickups (ammo pickups)
int cPUrand=0;            //No. of randPUps (shields/udamage)
And here is what TAG is:
A view into the mind of TAG: You're IT!

Possibly the most backwards project conceivable, TAG: You're IT! throws you into a torrent of gameplay excitement.

How, you might ask?

The game starts off in FFA mode with regular old infinite ammo Shock Rifles. The first person to die becomes it, and is gene-boosted to run faster, jump higher, do more damage...deadly. Too bad for them, they are only able to wield a shield gun that is one hit kill. Everyone else runs around with a Ultra Shock Rifle that has massive bouncing power. This is useful for getting points. Bouncing IT away from people or bouncing people away from IT gets you massive pointage. Bouncing IT away from you gets you points, as well. Unfortunately, IT has a shield and can deflect your shots away to catch up to you faster. Keep away from him because one hit will switch you into IT's spot and let him get some points while you lose all the ones you got! Pretty original, IMO.
Though that scoring system is not definite.

Current EvenGround Recruits:

Current TAG Recruits:
64 65 61 74 68 62 6f 6f 67 65 72 73 20 6d 6f 74 68 65 72 20 6f 66 20 63 6f 75 72 73 65

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