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UT2k7 (?) concept art, what's the origin?

I may be completelly clueless, but I figured I'd ask anyway.

I was looking for "concept art" on google images and I found this link:

See "[SKD]Jai" last message. He links to an image which's a concept art of the Flack Cannon for UT2k7.

That image is 13 on the sequence. Following the sequence forward and backwards, it's possible to find several other concept images, from weapons that look for UT2k7, from some environments, as well as a lot of UC2 images. At least one of the concept models are for UC2 too.

My question is, where are those images from? They seem to be from a 18/11/2004 Gamespot review (that's their image server), but I can't find that review on their site, be it for UC2 or for UT2k7.. nor the images on both these games. Since the images are not featured at BU's UT2k7 page, I guess they're not "public" or something?

Anyways, there they are. Again, I don't know what/from where they are, I'm actually asking this. Cannister gun concept Some control room concept Nice environment concept Flack Cannon concept (this is the weapon pictured on an official UT2k7 screenshot) Some environment concept, you can read "Liandri" on a tag on the small minimap Gorge concept "RipJack" (?) concept Rocket Launcher concept. This is also featured as a 3d model on some previous UC2 screenshot (image 7 I think) Environment concept "Players Lounge"/"Main Locker Area" concept

The rest seem to be UC2 images.

Maybe some stuff from UC2 got scrapped and was used on UT2k7, that's why the Flack Cannon's the same? Or maybe some UT2k7 concept art got mixed with some UC2 release material?
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