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Old 27th Jun 2005, 02:29 PM   #1
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about that nIX guy from up

Hourences map :


06-26-2005 10:26 PM EDT Rating: 0
/ what he says, if ur 1st map why even post it here? wait till if get better (if you get better) then post. dont waste web space (:
here's a friend rating :

06-26-2005 10:40 PM EDT Rating: 8.5
Mike you are one pathetic sniper.
(no comment)

Swanky, I enjoyed the map alot. Dont know about other but from my point of view the lighting fits in just fine. I also like the textures that perfectly fit in, pure ctf based. Fun game play specialy with alot of people. Amaizing architecture, not something that you see in a normal everyday map. Mike thinks all maps that are related to city theme in someway have to be all square ugly looking with no light at all exept for ambient. Well some of us just have to agree with that fact that we should simply igmore mikes post because all he likes is square room maps with tons of redeemers in them.

Once again, very fun map. I really had fun on it with my clan mates. (:
About the latest map i uploaded :

06-26-2005 09:49 PM EDT Rating: 2.5
those blue trees or w/e they are dont fit in the middle of desertish type map. bad fps too eventhow no fog.

Just because of the ""Trees"" he give it a 2.5?
also, everyone played it (apart him obviously) and said the fps where great even with the amount of details

Just thought i would warn people to not be influed/surprised if their map gets a 2.5 from him. Now i see what a )hidra( is, and i pay for it.

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