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I18n (Internationalisation)

Hello UTXMP developers and community,

I am new to UTXMP even though I do hang around in the BU forums from time to time. First, I would like to thank Free Monkey for reviving U2XMP in such high quality -- well done there! I somehow prefer it over Onslaught, since it has more items and more tactics.

I decided to have a go at a German translation (ucc dumpint being a loyal friend), and I am far enough. Unfortunately, some of the strings are forced-English. An example is XMP.XMPHackTrigger. GetDescription is simply full of hardcoded English strings. A suggested fix:

PHP Code:
// Declaration area, modify line 33 (Beta1a code):
var() localized string Description;

// Add (into new section delimited by '======='?)
var localized string HackingOwnedHackingStatusPreHackingStatusPost;

// Modify GetDescription like so:
simulated function string GetDescriptionController User )
local string Str;

bUsable )
Description != "" )
Str Description ":";

User.GetTeamNum() == Team )
Str Str HackingOwned;
Str Str HackingStatusPre GetTeamProgress(User) * 100.0 HackingStatusPost;


// Add to DefaultProperties:
(Even though the box says it, it ain't PHP code. But colour-coding makes it more readable, doesn't it?)

Another problem are the HUD image file strings (e.g. Player Score), since they can't be translated without more playing around. I opt for a conversion of these characters into a font and writing out the HUD strings manually.

I might add to this thread later on.

Keep up the good work!
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