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Cool Bird's Eye View

(Note: I have an idea of where I want to take this... at least for now, so I would appreciate everyone respecting that. This has been a really good story for the most part, but you can see what happens when folks disrepect each other's story}


"Oooohhh!" A painful moan escaped his lips as he slowly regained consciousness. It hurt to open his eyes, it hurt to breathe, it hurt to think and it hurt to move. His surroundings spun madly around as dizziness threated to overtake him. The nausea evoked his involuntary reflexes and he vomited.

He lay motionless, breathing as slowly and deeply as his aching muscles would allow. The pounding in his head faded from a thundering stampede of wild elephants to a small herd of mooing cows. It still throbbed, but was more tolerable. His entire body was sore, from dull aching muscles to a sharp pain in his leg.

He steeled himself and opened his eyes. He saw the ground...below him...about 12 feet below him. He turned his head to look around, each stiff muscle informing the brain as to their unhappiness at being force to moved.

"Where in the world am I?" he managed to choke out. His throat was parched and scratchy. He carefully surveyed his position, which he surmised was to be stuck in a cluster of tree branches a few yards from the ground. The sharp pain in his leg was due to the fact that his leg was wrenched between two tree limbs.

He shut his eyes for a moment and rested. His mind frantically searched his memory for recent events that might explain how he came to be in this tree. Nothing came remotely close to answering his questions.

"Must have been some party..." he laughed to himself. It hurt to laugh. He carefully twisted himself around on his precarious perch until he was able to sit up stiffly.

It was a painful struggle to pry the branches apart enough to work his foot free, but he finally managed to wiggle loose. His ankle was raw and bloody from the rough wood having been clamped down on it for so long. He hurt badly, but he could move his foot barely so he assumed it wasn't broken.

Steadying himself on the thick branches, he began to survey the immediate surroundings. He already gathered he was in a tree. This tree appeared to be on the outter edge of a larger forest surrounding a clearing. The ground below sloped suggesting it was on a hill or mountain side.

"Oh merciful God in heaven!" he cried as his mouth fell open and his eyes widen in shock. He swallowed hard at the sight before him. It hurt to swallow.

A large clearing sprawled to his left. What should have been a lush green field of colorful wildflowers, was instead a dark red pond littered with freshly massacred coprses. The dead were too numerous to count, and the pieces and parts would not have made it nearly impossible anyway. Such death and destruction was beyond his imagination, yet reality stretched before him. Again his involunatry relflexes took over...

He stood silently staring st the nightmarish vista before him, offering silent prayers for the dead, and for himself. Did he somehow play a part in this killing field? Was he somehow responsible for the carnage scattered across the mountain side?

He let out a gasp as he spied movement. From the center of the battlefield some one moved. A man stood up groggily, stumbled a few steps then fell back down.

"I have to help him..." he thought as he hurriedly grabbed at nearby branches. He shifted his weight to his not-as-sore foot.

"!" he exclaimed as he lost his balance. He plunged to the forest floor below breaking smaller branches in his descent and painfully crashing off the larger ones.

It hurt to fall. Darkness overtook his vision as pain filled his mind. Sleep came willingingly or not. The stranger lay sprawled on the underbrush alone in the forest, unbeknownst to the apparent sole survior of an epic battle.

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