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Originally Posted by groovyjoker
Forgive me for being a newb, but I only use the dummy mut if I have something that requries pushing a server package, do I have this correct? Otherwise I can just modify my gamestrings, either manually or using gamemake....
The way the dummy mut works is this:

1. You add all the serverpackages to the ut2004.ini.
2. Using the dummymut in UT2Vote, you also add those packages to the game string.
3. When someone connects to your server, it only pushes the packages for the active game type and not everything in the list. It does this because using the DummyMut gives UT2Vote the power to actually remove all the serverpackages lines from the ut2004.ini of each and every non active game type you have defined in your strings.

For example, I have every game string list on this page (and then some) running on my server. Do you want to connect and download 500megs of files just to play Carball? Probably not. That's why you use the allow pushing of files for only the active game type. If you don't want it pushed each and every time, you put it as a DUmmyMut and serverpackage. If you want it pushed every time, add it as a serverpackage only.
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