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Old 19th Jun 2000, 04:32 PM   #1
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Hey Guys
Good day to you all ,i've been worrying like mad wondering what card to buy. Geforce 2 or Voodoo 5 (nice problem to have i guess). Now we all know that UT runs like a dream in glide and not so good in D3D, or so i had heard, (never tried it being a voodoo man for the last few years) anyways, i bin checking round soooooo many websites trying to find out what was going to suit me the best and ya know what? i could not find a definative answer anywhere "the voodoo is good for this, the geforce is good for that" etc etc, ad infinitum.
Now, i really love UT and i will continue to play it for a long time to come but i had to make the decision based on the other games i play (want to play in the future) So i plucked up the courage and went down my local PC World and bought the .......... 3D PROPHET GEFORCE 2 GTS (32 meg version by hercules). Wow, i gotta say i was impressed just seeing this baby, all the ram has its own heatsink (top and bottom) and the size of the thing!!! its enormous, nearly twice the size of my old voodoo3 3000AGP. oh, an its blue which is nice if ya like that sort of thing. Now before removing the voodoo card i had to run some benchy's to know if i had made the right choice, i used the phobia time demo with everything turned up high. I averaged 44 fps with the voodoo in 800x600. So, out came the old servant and in went the new, installation was a breeze so i went straight in to UT ,reconfigured for D3D and ran the benchy's again (drum role)....... 43 FPS 800x600 on a game that really needs glide to run at its best, so now im feeling really confident time to try it in 32 bits........ 41 fps no probs at all. So, i THINK i have made the right choice and am telling you this in case there is anyone else worried about wasting their hard earned on a new card. Yes, i was very close to buying a voodoo5 and yes, i know i would most likely have averaged something like 55 fps with it (maybe a lot more, i dont really know) Btw the drivers i used for the geforce are the ones out the box, vers 5.16 which are very immature so i will be downloading the newer ones later on tonite (calls are cheaper for us poor souls in the uK ;-)) and i think i can expect a bit more improvement when i do. So chaps, if you cant make up your mind , i hope this goes some way in helping you make the right choice for YOU (thats what is most important, yes?) Btw i guess i should list my machine specs here

Athlon 600
160 meg pc100 ram
16 gig 7200 rpm hardisc
gigabyte 7IXE mobo
Oh and one more thing , i was using ver 4.13 of UT cos i dont like the way 4.20 messes with my connex.
Oh one other thing ,anyone wanna buy a voodoo 3000 agp £50 ovno ;-))

Man, ilove this game!!!!!
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