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Old 10th Dec 2003, 07:23 PM   #1
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XMP Mutator.

Righto, it's new mutator time, this one's for XMP.

It's called XMPSummoner, and it does a whole lotta stuff.

It allows you to perform a whole load of commands normally disabled online, like set, summon, god, ghost, fly, etc, as well as adding a little support for in-game server admin, which for some reason is missing in XMP (type 'adminlogin' and the game goes 'buh??').

Of course, you must be logged in as an admin to perform any of these commands...

Here's a list of what can be done (also contained in the readme):

	Mutate Summon <item>	 	:  Summons <item>.
	Mutate Set <item> <value>	:  Sets <value> in <item>.

	Mutate God		 	:  Enables god mode.
	Mutate Ghost		 	:  Enables Ghost mode.
	Mutate Fly			:  Enable Fly mode.
	Mutate Walk			:  Negates ghost/fly.
	Mutate Invisible	 	:  Call to toggle invisibility.

	Mutate Teleport			:  Teleports you to wherever you are looking.
	Mutate Slomo <scale>	 	:  Scales game speed.
	Mutate KillAll <item>	  	:  Destroy()'s all of <item> in the map.

	Mutate AllWeapons		:  Gives you all weapons.
	Mutate AllAmmo		 	:  Gives you 999 ammo on all weapons.
	Mutate Loaded		 	:  Performs AllWeapons and AllAmmo.
	Mutate GetWeapon <class>  	:  Gives weapon of <class> to your player.

	Mutate SetJumpZ <height>  	:  Set your jump height.
	Mutate SetJumpJetZ <height>	:  Set your jump jet height.
	Mutate SetSize <scale>	 	:  Scale your size (also affects speed, etc).
	Mutate SetHealth <health>	:  Sets your current health to <health>.
	Mutate SetStaminaChargeRate <n>	:  Sets the stamina bar charge rate.
	Mutate SetSkillChargeRate <n>	:  Sets the skill bar charge rate.

	Mutate SetBoostTime <time>	:  Sets the 'boost' time period for your current vehicle.
	Mutate SetTeamEnergy <team> <n> :  Sets team <team>'s energy (where 0 is red, 1 is blue) to <n>.

	Mutate MakeNoise <sound>  	:  Plays <sound> to all players.
   Admin related:
	Mutate Adminlogin <pass>	:  Logs you in as admin.
	Mutate Admin Kick <name>	:  Kicks <name> from the server.
	Mutate Admin KickBan <name>	:  KickBans <name> from the server.
	Mutate Admin ServerTravel <url> :  Changes the level, allowing options to be specified in the URL.
	Mutate Admin SwitchLevel <map>  :  Changes the level to <map>.
	Mutate Admin SetGamePassword <p>:  Sets the game password to <p>.
	Mutate Admin Spectate		:  Toggles spectate mode.
	Mutate Admin MakeAdmin <name>	:  Makes <name> an admin (without them needing to log in).
	Mutate Admin UnMakeAdmin <name>	:  Reverses the above command.
	Mutate Admin <command>		:  Where <command> doesn't match any in the above list, XMPsummoner
					   will attempt	to execute <command> as a console command on the server.
	Mutate Adminlogout	  	:  Logs you out as an admin.
It's a serverside mutator.

Download it here

Just updated it to add a minor thing. It's highlighted in bold.

Another update, new stuff also higlighted in bold.
Nothing major, just some additions to the 'fun' commands.

More commands added, including three new admin commands:

And normal commands:

See the above list for descriptions.

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