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Old 22nd Oct 2003, 12:12 PM   #1
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Respect Warfare Mod recruitment

People..the time has come where the level of mods produced is very good, some good enough to warrant their own stand alone versions. Now in time, the mod i hope to produce with the help of people here at the beyondunreal forums is a mod to rival any other mod. At the moment i need everybody under then sun to come and help. Here is a complete run down of the positions needed:

1) Coders: Experience in C++ and unreal script useful. Although if you know other coding languages you may be useful if you can implement it in unreal. Im not too knowledgable on coding so if you can implement it in ut2k3/ut2k4 you are just what we need . On the skills front, if you can code stuff in unrealscript or know quite a bit about a language then you are useful. Prefably people who have worked with unreal script will be useful.

2) Mappers: Right this is a community of mappers so i want loads of people asking for this one. I need mappers who can map well, inteligently and understand all the features of the unreal editor. Show me screenies/links to your work and we will see if it is good enough to allow you to join the team. Also if you understand the editor well but are new to mapping then we will take you on. The best way to learn is to get experience and we can help you gain that vital experience.

3) Modelers: Ok where do i start. Um people needed to make static meshes, weapons, player models, animations for characters and meshes um...yeah that should do it. Just send me screenies of your work and we will give you the job which may be the most painstaking apart from the coders. Again if you know how to model we will take you on to gain your experience. I want as many people as i can and more hands can make something better than one very skilled. No i am not very skilled before any of you ask. :P

4) Texturers: Ok people who can texture come to me please. We need guys who can make textures for characters meshes and the normal bsp you see in an unreal level. Send me some pictures of textures you've made and by golly your in

5) Sound men: Testing 1,2,3...people can you hear me at the back...good because i want sound guys to do some killer sound recordings/making. This mod should be easier because you can go outside and put your microphone by a busy street and record the ambience. Once again need some killer sounds to convice us that your good

6) 2D Artists: People who can draw very good pictures come to me coz i want to give this mod a kind of cartoonish stlye as well as a serious style if thats possible. You will also be responsible for concept art for people to work on and to give the character modelers something to go on.

7) Last but not least the researchers: Researchers, anyone who is knowlegable on weapons, modern cars, modern clothes, modern anything, just something for this mod to go on and then tear up and glorify so much.

Well now ive told you who i want here comes the important stuff.

1) The mod is about a modern world with modern gangsters, graffiti, music and killing. Cars galore, graffitied walls galore. This will be a multiplayer mod which will add single player support if the multiplayer mod is picked up on or just so we can continue going . It will be set in a realistic/unrealistic city, based on the home of gang warfare, Brooklyn New York. I want loads of hip hop, garage and rockers battling it out against each other for control of this city. The gameplay will be split into different sections of the city and each map will be a different section. Your objective is to blow the living daylights out of the opposition. Other game modes will/could be added if there is demand for it.

2) To give me your stuff to say you want to join email me, Do not send me any attachments on this, if you wish to send me attachments, email me first and i will give you more instructions. Also people signing me up for gay stuff will be severly executed. Also if you would like more information on the mod email me.

3) To see the website point your browsers to This is where the site will be and where i will post new stuff. Yes yes i know it had GTA3 stuff on the site but until i get some 2d pics of my own i cant exactly use anything. Although for you people here i have something special, an ealry render of the ak-47 to be used in game.

Remember, respect is everything.
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Old 22nd Oct 2003, 10:24 PM   #2
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Um, ya. What do you want to do? I'm kind of confused. You want to get ALL the BEST talent here in this community under YOUR command to make some generic shoot-em-up mod with cars/realism/people/gangs/lots-o-weapons/ aka GTA 3 King of the City???

I'm sorry, but you are going to have to do better than that to convince people to join your mod. First of all, address your website. Grammatically correctness is a MUST, and use more spaces. You can have multiple 2 sentence paragraphs, you are not going to get yelled at, as long as it makes the text easier to read.

There is one glaring ommision from all of this: how will the game play? We don't want a general idea, anyone and their mother can think of a general idea for a mod/game. We want to see specifics. We want to see why your mod will be respectable competition for all the other UT2003/4 mods currently in production. But more importantly, we want to see something, anything that has been made that shows that there is some serious work going into the mod already (the ak picture doesn't count. You could have ripped that, but I'm not accusing you). It's always good to have begun some work yourself, there is nothing that will help you recruit like content.

I would suggest reading this along with the links in the thread, especially How To Recruit A Programmer

Come back with a more convincing argument. You could have a great idea, but we don't see it right now. Forumulate your thoughts, make a decently detailed design doc, and resubmit.

Oh, and a little warning: in UT2003/4, we don't really have much access to rendering routines, and from multiple attemps we (the Unreal modding community) have decided that it would be either very difficult to impossible to actually render cell-shading. To create the effect, you'd have to have the skinner/mapper make all the textures as such.
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Old 23rd Oct 2003, 02:45 AM   #3
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i wish it were that easy to just command programmers to your presence =/. i asked assistance for a mutator that was a ton easier and that i could actually have a chance of getting the existing ut1 weapons community to use, and i didnt get a single guy (well, i got the godlike 007MIKE to offer to help me, but he focuses more on graphics than programming =P ^_^)
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Old 23rd Oct 2003, 05:09 AM   #4
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Ok maybe i kinda went too far with the cell shading. If you were actually paying attention towards the end of my large paragraph, you would of seen i dont want a cell shaded game. They just look tacky. I want the textures and models to give the impression of cell shading but not cell shaded. An easy way to recreate this is bland textures on models with very little detail. Also on my website i have posted an early screenshot of an AK47 to be used in game. I can also map so that just makes life a ton easier for everyone. Also i said im not looking for the best, that would be impossible, as long as you can code or you can map or you can model or you can animate, i want you. I know from experience mods help people develop skills. Thats what i want more than anything for this mod to achieve is to make other people better at mapping, modelling, coding etc. In reference to how the game plays, GTA3 is a logical starting point, but its gonna be split into different game types, eg double domination, ctf, king of the hill etc. But they are gonna take place in realistic envrioments with the cartoony look. (Not cell shading) The main advantage is coding no new gametypes, maybe king of the hill but this is well documented.
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