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UT Replication Trouble

Well i'm trying to make a UT mod, and this is actually my first where I am forced to deal with replication. After reading many articles, i gave it a shot, and am stuck on this problem. The following code works replicating to the client, i checked it with logs and such, but it never can replicate back to teh server thru a different function. Here's some code that i dumbed down to what I have:

What could be causing this not to work? There's no indication of ServerCallBack being run at all.

enum CheckType {
  CT_Type1 //Only Checktype i have made so far, it's for expansion reasons

   reliable if (Role < ROLE_Authority)
   reliable if (Role == ROLE_Authority)

simulated function ServerCallBack(CheckType CT, string Data)
   local private int i;
   if (Role < ROLE_Authority)  return;
   bLog("ServerCallback("$Role$") - CheckType "$int(CT));
   //Here I have some code that processes Data corresponding to CT

simulated function ClientPerform(CheckType CT, string Command)
  local string Ret;
  if (Role == ROLE_Authority) return;
  bLog("tpBR - ClientPerform("$int(CT)$") - Role:"@Role);
  switch (CT)
  case CT_Type1:
    //Code setting Ret corresponding to CT and Command
    ServerCallBack(CT,Ret);        //Should be replicating back to the server, right?

simulated event PostNetBeginPlay ()
  //Some Beginning Code
  bLog("tpBR - PostNetBeginPlay("$Role$")");
  ClientPerform(CT_PackageValidation,SpecialCmd); //This does work and does replicate to the client correctly.
Also you can ignore bLog if you're worried about that, i made my own log file. Anyone that can provide any insight it is MUCH appreciated. Thank you.

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