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Post Review: Tuba CTF

[ Transcript of review for Tuba CTF | Posted by Jesco on 2002-11-02 | Score: 7.6 ]
Face off
Tuba CTF is a different kind of mod. It´s really more of a utility than a mod. What it does is it alters the default red and blue CTF teams and allows you to select different styled teams. For example, you could choose the option Bush vs. Gore. Then all the flags and the HUD would be changed, where the default team logos would be switched with a different picture. (see pics if confused).

New idea
This mod is an original concept for UT and it allows you to play CTF with a little bit more customizability. The logos themselves are all very good and detailed. However, one complaint that I have is that the mod doesn´t add new strategies to CTF.

How Bizarre
Still, even though Tuba CTF doesn´t add new strategies to CTF, where else can you play a game where the teams consist of Linux and Microsoft? Although the mod has a decent set of CTF teams already, one more feature that the mod should have is the ability to add your own logos. Now that would be something Definitely keep an eye on this mod.

-Peter Yu
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