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Post Review: UT WinAmp

[ Transcript of review for UT WinAmp | Posted by Peter on 2002-10-07 | Score: 6.3 ]
<b>Sounds Good...</b>

While the idea is good, that's about it methinks. This little utility lets you control your hip media player WinAmp from inside UT. What a nice idea.
Unfortunately, or at least in this case, some ideas are best left untouched.

<b>Why Don't You WORK?!?!</b>
Before I say anything else, it may just be my computer. This is a rough account of what I experienced:

Start- Install UT WinAmp. No problems...yet.
1 Min.- Fire up UT. Try and get WinAmp to work, but to my chagrin, you have to have WinAmp open already. I thought it would be all in-game.
3 Min.- Open WinAmp, then open UT. Fire up UT WinAmp, but no music. Dammit.
5 Min. -Start playing WinAmp before UT opens. Open UT. Now output error. Double dammit.
10 Min. -When I closed UT, WinAmp refused to work. Output errors everywhere. Change output plug-in. Restart computer and check out Bears-Packers game.
15 Min. -Back. Same error as before. Set output plug-in back to original. Go back to watch more of game.
20 Min. -IT WORKS! But why? WHY? The settings are the exact same as the 5 Min. mark! What the hell is this crap! Then realize that Bon Jovi sucks in
25 Min. -Wishes that I made a UT specific playlist. Why isn't there an editor in UT WinAmp? Doh.
30 Min. -Motorhead comes on, redeeming UT WinAmp, even though it realy had nothing to do with it.
As my harrowing tale exhibits, UT WinAmp doesn't like me or vice versa.

<b>Sky's The Limit</b>
I'm not talking about the potential of the utility. That's just the name of the song that is up. However, the utility could be pretty cool. UT WinAmp doesn't really do a whole lot. It could just set up a UT playlist, and let that run during the game, w/o needing UT WinAmp at all. Oh well. And there is a performance hit when WinAmp is on.

There are some neat things that could be done. Maybe it could play a certain song from a list on certain occasions. Like when you get a Monster Kill, it could pull a song from your Monster Kill List. Or when you win, a song from your Win List. How cool would it be to hear a good ol' Queen victory anthem when you get that last flag cap? There could also be binds used, so that you don't have to always open up the menu when you want to change songs.

Over all, UT WinAmp doesn't get me too worked up (except with fury). All it does is it saves me the nuisance of minimizing UT, and clicking a button. Big deal.

-Robert "Bean 3:!6" Srinivasiah
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