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Post Review: XMaps 228/Remote Control

[ Transcript of review for XMaps 228/Remote Control | Posted by Peter on 2002-10-07 | Score: 10 ]
<b>Wow Dammit</b>
I mean...that's all I really need for the review... But, that won't do now, will it? If you are unfamiliar with XMaps, it is the ultimate UT game config tool. You can set up custom map lists as you please, with custom mutator options for each list. You can select favorite maps, that it plays more often than other maps. Then you can set it up to switch up gametypes every so often (which you specify, slick). You can randomize the maps, import other map lists into a map list, and the list goes on and on.

<b>Menu Bliss</b>
First, the actual menus before you start the game are fantastic. They are very intuitive and have everything you need. But the real nifty tool is the HUD menu, which is just...just damn great. Everything you'd need to use in-game is there for you to use. Hell, if you don't wanna use that, go ahead and use the shortcut keys you set up through the menus earlier to do simple functions, such as restart map and skip.

<b>Everyone Needs XMaps</b>
No lie. XMaps is such an amazing piece of code, that it would be a shame that this isn't somehow included in the next Unreal iterations. Seriously, unless UT2K3 has somehow developed a better system (which I doubt...they'd basically have to copy XMaps), it should have it as part of UT. The depth added by XMaps almost makes UT a new game. And anyone can use it. An inexperienced player only needs a few minutes to run through the menus to set up his fun little custom map lists and gametype switching. And for the hardcore UT player, you can spend forever tinkering with the options, in search of the perfect mix. Honestly, I enjoy just meticulously going through XMaps and trying to find that balance that makes everything worthwile. But that's just me. And for everyone in-between, you'll love XMaps too.

<b>Remote Control</b>
Remote Control lets you configure a server's XMaps through a Web-based interface. Before, you'd have to run UT, and you could run things there. But TouchStone is never satsified, and neither were the fans, so he whipped this up. Setting up Remote Control does take a little bit of work, but hey, if you are a server admin, it should be a breeze. Since I don't have a server, I had a buddy of mine's set it up, and I tried using XMaps on his server. And I'll be gosh-darned, it worked like a charm (like you expected anything else)! I really didn't mess with it much, but I feel like it is an excellent tool. You do need XMaps 228 to run Remote Control, but not vice versa.

<b>Back for more</b>
XMaps is an essential item to have if you play UT in any way, shap, or form (unless it's on the PS2...then...dang). If you've never gotten around to downloading it, get it! It's under a meg, and it only takes a moment to configure. Then you can jump in and enjoy. Previous XMap users should have this update already, so I need not say anything to you. All that's left is to wait for the next version...

- Players HUD Menu option (full player and named bot control)
- Random across Extended Lists map selection mode
- 'Reload first map' option
- 'Skip failed maps' option
- Maps-per-list increased from 150 to 250
- Translocators on/off via the HUD Menu
- XMaps Remote Control (full web admin interface to XMaps)

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Originally Posted by ModSquad NewsPoster
[ Transcript of review for XMaps 228/Remote Control | Posted by Peter on 2002-10-07 | Score: 10 ]
Hello my name is rots and i have downloaded this mod, i tried it in single player worked fine, but when i run it on my dedicated server it wont show the HUD ??? can you help
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Make sure the U file name is in the serverpackages. I have no idea what it would be cause I don't have this file (or the game in stalled for that matter, I only have 2K4 in) but if it's XMaps then add this to your serverpackages line in the ini file:


If that still doesn't do it, well, I dunno what to tell you. Could try emailing the author of XMaps and see if he's still around, he'd be able to help (he DID make it after all )
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