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Need people to test my map

Hi, first off apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place, I'm a noobie. I've created a horror puzzle level spread across 4 maps that I need people to test. So far it contains textures and static meshes but no sound yet. The game is meant to be played in 3rd person view so at the start of each map please press tab and type "behindview 1" and also dont use jump as its not meant to be used so dont cheat . Below are some screenshots and the link to the download, I had to use megaupload for the files because this site has an upload limit. The password is: 3dbuzz
Please can you leave feedback on what you think and how I can improve it

Maps file link:

static meshes file link:

textures file link:

Known problems

Mansion map
- light showing under some walls
- the moving bookcases collide with each other if moved out of order, I haven't been able to solve this problem no matter what I do
- The key is hard to pick up so you may have to keep moving towards it until you pick it up, this is because if I make the collision higher the key can be picked up before the cupboard is open
- irregular shadows

Town map
- map may be laggy
- irregular shadows especially in the tavern
- invisible collision on the terrain, I had to do this because otherwise the player can escape the map
- before you start the level open the town map and Build all and save as I forgot to do this before I uploaded, otherwise the lighting wont show correctly on the map

Underground temple map
- Delay in blood bath room, this delay will make sense when sound is added
- When you reach the portal that is the end of the level so all you can do is exit the game, I dont know how to get unreal to go to the title screen when you reach this point

Not all the textures and static meshes were created by me so the copyright belongs to the makers of them

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sam k
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cnat jump

plus in UT2k4 you can use F4 to go behind veiw


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