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PHP coder for my job section

Not really mod, but hey, it's kind of community related.

I started a professional job section some months ago, but it is still not what it should be. I am looking for someone who can help me turn it into something better. I suck hugely at PHP so I can do very little myself.

The pages:

To list "all" commercial level design related jobs in Europe and NA.

Problems I need a PHP coder for:
-I need a way to sort jobs on date.
-I need a little menu to let people sort jobs on either date or location.
-I need a piece of code I can run every now and then that auto deletes all entries older than X. Removing old jobs is extremely time consuming right now.
-Possibly something that makes people subscribe to it, so they get notified if stuff is added.
-Possibly some extra property to set some jobs as "Featured" or "Unreal Engine". To make them a little more special.

And anything else cool is welcome, but not necessary. But if you feel like investing php work into something that actually has a purpose, here's your project

What you get:
No money, I don't earn anything on the jobs either, but I will credit you on the webpage on an obvious place

Show me some things you did in the past, a website somewhere, or at least describe what you've made in the past if you can't show it.

I don't need the most briliant PHP coder out there, just someone who is cool with it, and motivated. If you need to research some things yourself because you are still mastering PHP, that's fine for me. Doesn't need to be perfect, just working! What I want isn't a huge deal of work either if you know your way around in PHP.
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